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Let’s start with a little background on Unity Charity. Unity Charity is a Canadian non-profit organization that focuses on empowering and inspiring young people through Hip Hop culture. 

Its mission is to help youth facing challenges such as poverty, violence, and mental health issues by providing free programs and workshops using Hip Hop as a personal and social development tool. 

These programs include breakdancing, beatboxing, spoken word poetry, graffiti art, and other creative outlets allowing young people to express themselves and build confidence.

In addition to offering Hip Hop-based programs to youth, Unity Charity also provides employment and development opportunities to young emerging artists who are passionate about Hip Hop. 

These opportunities include mentorship, performance opportunities, and networking events that help artists connect with industry professionals and gain exposure to their work.

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Creative Collaboration and Agile Solutions

The Charity Unity team reached out to Imbassy to have its dated website revamped with the best UX possible. 

The Unity Charity team wanted the Imbassy team to create a website that effectively communicates its mission, showcases its programs and services, and engages its audience. 

Despite the Imbassy team’s collective experience and skills, the project faced several challenges. 

We had limited resources and an extremely tight budget, which made it difficult to allocate additional developers to the team when one left mid-project. 

This left the team with a significant workload, resulting in missed deadlines. 

However, we were able to overcome this obstacle with the help of other Imbassy team members who stepped in and delivered exceptional work to keep the project on track.

Another major hurdle was the complexity of the site itself. The majority of the site was built using a CMS, even for information that would remain static for a long time. 

This meant that the development process was more intricate than initially anticipated. 

The primary objective was to create a seamless user experience by ensuring that the website's content was fluid and easily navigable. To achieve this, the developers employed a combination of VWs, VHs, and EMs. 

In addition, a CMS was utilized to manage various content types, including blogs, music, videos, tabs, sliders, teams, board of directors, artists, programs, events, jobs, filters, and statistics. 

To further enhance navigation, Sticky Secondary Navigations were incorporated. The team also used SwiperJS for complex sliders and AnimaJS for text animations, creating a visually engaging website. 

To simplify form completion, multi-step forms were created using Try Formly. For filtering and loading more items in team members and the board of directors CMS Filter and Load were utilized. 

Furthermore, CMS Tabs were used to create tabs and combine them with CMS items. 

Finally, to add a dynamic element, Number Count was used for count-up animations. Despite the challenges faced during the development process, the result was a fantastic website that exceeded expectations, providing users with an amazing experience.

Additionally, the design provided by Unity's designer was not optimized for the average visitor to their site, so we had to make some tough design decisions to ensure that the website was user-friendly and accessible.

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Website Built For Success

In spite of the numerous challenges we faced, our team was unwavering in our determination to achieve success in launching Unity Charity's new website. 

Through our collaborative efforts, we were able to overcome each obstacle and produce a website that is both engaging and user-friendly, providing a valuable resource for the youth community. 

The site has been optimized in every way possible, offering a better representation of the brand and presenting an incredibly informative platform that makes finding events a breeze. 

Furthermore, the site is easy to maintain, allowing for seamless updates and modifications. Ultimately, the new website effectively communicates the brand's message and purpose, while providing an intuitive user experience that visitors can navigate with ease. 

The successful launch of the new website is yet another compelling testament to Imbassy's unyielding dedication, unparalleled agile solutions, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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