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Let’s start off with a little background on Chili Piper. Chili Piper is a software Agency that provides solutions for automating and optimizing workflows. 

Chili Piper offers a platform that enables organizations to automate complex and time-consuming manual processes and streamline the development and deployment of applications. 

By leveraging the latest technologies with innovative approaches, organizations can streamline their revenue processes, and boost their overall performance.

We were approached by Alina Vaderberghe, Co-Founder and CEO of Chili Piper, to take on a specific internal challenge that resulted in a stagnant website. 

To resolve the internal challenge and revitalize the website, our team at Imbassy looked into several steps that can be taken to provide Alina and the Chili Piper team with a solution.

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Creative Collaboration and Agile Solutions

First, It was important for our team at Imbassy to identify the root cause of the problem by conducting a thorough analysis of the website's performance, user experience, and technical issues. 

A thorough analysis helps our team to identify areas for improvement and provides us with valuable insights into how the website can be optimized to better meet the needs of users and improve conversions. 

Second, after establishing clear goals and objectives for the website, we aligned them with the overall business strategy which included implementing changes to the website's design, content, and functionality, using user research and feedback to inform these decisions. 

Finally, we would continuously monitor and measure the website's performance and user engagement to ensure that it remains effective in achieving the desired outcomes.

We presented our detailed solution which was to migrate the Chili Piper website from WordPress over to Webflow. 

This allowed the Chili Piper team to utilize the Content Management System (CMS) to its full capacity which provides built-in tools and features for website optimization, such as responsive design, SEO optimization, and analytics tracking. 

This migration allows for continuous improvement of the website without the need for specialized technical expertise. This made implementation processes such as adding new pages and making quick changes for CRO optimizations seamless.

Our team performed a migration of a blog from the platform UberFlip to Webflow. This involved creating separate collections for different resource categories and applying a unique design to each. 

The migration included over 1000 resources in over 6 categories and was done using a custom script that connected the two systems through the Chili Piper server.

We enhanced the Resources Hub by adding Algolia's search capabilities. This integration has combined all collections within the CMS into a unified search bar, providing a seamless and efficient experience for users to locate resources.

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Partnership Built To Grow

For over 1 year Imbassy and Chili Piper have successfully sustained their partnership. 

Imbassy provides continued support for Chili Piper, including helping with complicated web projects such as integrating the rest of the website with Chili Piper's server to enhance performance and usability.

The relationship between the two organizations remains strong and Imbassy considers Chili Piper one of its closest partners. 

The valuable partnership also maintains an exclusive partnership agreement that allows our team to support our other clients by integrating the Chili Piper product which will significantly increase website conversions and help move leads from MQLs (marketing qualified leads) to closed deals.

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