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TicketSpice is a ticketing platform that serves as an all-in-one solution for event organizers. 

TicketSpice provides everything from event page builders and marketing tools to box office apps, ticket scanning, and reservations, helping their clients save time and money while providing the best possible customer experience. 

TicketSpice came to Imbassy with the challenging task of creating an event ticketing platform for their ever-growing client base. 

It was an important goal for them to have a cutting-edge website that had a user-friendly interface, was visually appealing and was also designed to convert traffic into paying customers.

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Creative Collaboration and Agile Solutions

Our team worked alongside TicketSpice's internal team to identify their exact pain points. Through extensive research into the event industry, talking directly to some of their customers, and researching TicketSpice’s competitors. 

We gained a better understanding of what people need from their ticketing websites. After we had made its assessment a solution was determined. 

A website redesign was the solution, with a heavy focus on appearance, and functionality including enhanced speed, security, and a well-executed SEO strategy. 

Our team did this by creating a streamlined, intuitive web experience that allows users to quickly and easily find the features they need. 

We also focused on SEO and content optimization so that TicketSpice could reach as many potential customers as possible. We upgraded their website into a world-class event registration platform befitting of their industry-leading software. 

We focused on a product-led growth approach to ensure that TicketSpice's website was optimized for conversions. 

We started by conducting market research and created buyer personas to gain insight into their needs and preferences. This data allowed us to develop an effective strategy for the website’s design, UX, and content. 

The Agency's USPs and offerings were highlighted, making it easy for customers to find the features they need. To guarantee that users would have a seamless experience navigating the website, we focused on creating user flows that are intuitive and simple. 

We also incorporated visual cues like icons, buttons, and other interactive elements to help guide customers along the way. ROI-focused elements like calls to action, demos, and comparison tables were also added for maximum conversions.

Finally, we implemented SEO best practices into our content strategy so that TicketSpice’s website would be easily discovered by customers. We also optimized their web copy for readability and clarity.  

We took a complex and highly technical product and turned it into a winning website, where all the elements worked together. 

Webflow allowed us to design and create a stunning website with the flexibility to add functionality as needed. 

Our team used a combination of custom coding, HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery to deliver an engaging user experience that features both visual appeal and smooth interactivity.

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Partnership Built To Grow

The result was nothing less than impressive. We built an intuitive, well-designed website that was optimized for maximum conversions with a strong focus on UX and CX.  

We launched the website with 30+ brand-new pages, significantly increasing their SEO ranking within 5 weeks. The Agency saw record-breaking sign-ups since its inception 7 weeks post-launch.

Since launching the website, Imbassy has worked closely with the TicketSpice team to further enhance the website from an SEO and CRO perspective. With an average of 20% increase in conversions quarter over quarter and a total of 35% increase in organic visitors. 

Imbassy proved to the TicketSpice team how different inbound marketing activities work together and generate more revenue.

After proving our skillset with design, development, SEO, and CRO, Imbassy now manages Google and Social Adverts across all products. 

TicketSpice is now a ticketing platform that serves as an all-in-one solution for event organizers.

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