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Strivacity specializes in transforming complex processes into simple and seamless experiences. 

This platform empowers marketing, product management, IT, and security teams by providing a unified solution to implement, configure, and manage their customers' sign-in journeys.

Whether it's marketing teams looking to enhance customer experience, product managers seeking efficient user onboarding, IT professionals aiming for secure authentication, or security teams ensuring data protection, their platform caters to the diverse needs of your organization.

By consolidating all the necessary capabilities into one platform, Strivacity enables teams to collaborate effectively and achieve a unified approach to customer sign-in journeys.

The Agency sought to revamp its design and Webflow development strategy (IA) and initiate a comprehensive rebranding of its website. 

To accomplish these goals in mind, Strivacity’s CMO and team reached out to Imbassy to collaborate on this transformative journey to enhance user experience, strengthen brand identity, and improve overall business performance and functionality.

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Creative Collaboration and Agile Solutions

After assessing Strivacity’s needs, guided by the creative direction from Imbassy's Development Leader, Evgenii, our focus was primarily on the brand colors and creating custom icons and graphics. 

We aimed to design layouts that effectively showcased Strivacity's Lifecycle Event Orchestration product, maximizing its impact. 

Through collaboration and a thoughtful approach, we achieved the following outcomes. 

We revamped Strivacity's color palette to align with its brand identity, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints and evoking the desired emotions.

Evgenii and the team created a diverse set of custom icons and graphics that visually represented Strivacity's offerings. This cohesive icon set can be used consistently across various design materials.

Our layouts were strategically crafted to showcase Strivacity's Lifecycle Event Orchestration product, highlighting its key features and benefits. 

These designs aimed to captivate users and optimize their experience.

Overall, our design enhancements resulted in an improved brand identity, visually appealing layouts, and a cohesive representation of Strivacity's offerings. 

During the development phase of Strivacity's website, we employed various techniques and solutions to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience. 

With a focus on responsiveness and functionality, the following elements were integrated:

To create a highly adaptable and responsive design, we utilized EM units and fluid development techniques. 

This approach allowed the website to dynamically adjust to different screen sizes, providing optimal viewing experiences across devices.

To enhance the usability of the blog section, we implemented Finsweet filtration. 

This solution enabled users to easily filter and find specific blog posts based on their preferences, improving the overall browsing experience.

To optimize the loading process and enhance the blog browsing experience, we incorporated Finsweet Load functionality. 

This feature allowed users to seamlessly load additional blog posts without the need for page refresh, facilitating smoother content exploration.

For the pricing section, we integrated a Finsweet range slider. 

This interactive element empowered users to dynamically select desired pricing ranges, offering a user-friendly way to explore different pricing options.

To provide relevant and tailored content, we employed a combination of Finsweet CMS Previous Next functionality and custom code. 

This approach ensured that visitors were presented with appropriate related solutions, enhancing their journey on the website.

For creating visually appealing and interactive sliders, we utilized Swiper JS. This powerful JavaScript library enabled us to implement smooth and engaging slider components, enhancing the overall visual experience and showcasing key content effectively.

To further enhance the navigation and provide seamless interactions, we developed custom JavaScript code. 

This allowed for intuitive navigation behaviors and smooth transitions between sections, improving the website's overall usability.

We leveraged the CMS Rich Text Element. 

This versatile tool enabled us to embed sections and content theough code that would otherwise be challenging due to CMS item limitations, expanding the creative possibilities.

Through the integration of these development techniques and solutions, we successfully created a responsive, user-friendly, and visually captivating website for Strivacity. 

The combined efforts in development and creative direction contributed to an enhanced user experience and a successful online presence for the brand.

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A Marketing Website Built For Success

The Strivacity project embodies our commitment to excellence and passion for delivering exceptional outcomes. 

It stands as a shining example of the transformative power that emerges when industry-leading technology meets a team of digital experts dedicated to pushing boundaries and exceeding client expectations.

At Imbassy, we are proud to have been part of Strivacity's journey, and we look forward to continuing to empower businesses with remarkable digital experiences that drive growth and success.

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