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Let’s start with a little background of Northbeam. Northbeam is a tech Agency that provides an attribution platform for modern brands. 

The platform uses advanced data models and machine learning to help brands make informed media buying decisions, intending to allow them to scale their business profitably.

Northbeam’s CMO Matthew Kobach reached out to Imbassy with a desire to have our team reimagine their brand and create an impactful website to convert marketing individuals into customers. 

The goal was to shift towards a more product-driven website with self-serve conversions.

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Prepared for aggressive and Agile Solutions

After establishing their biggest issue which was the improvement of their product's UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) which was severely lacking when compared to their biggest competitors, our team developed a plan. 

The solution was to create a uniquely branded website that was highly focused on user experience and usability. 

After establishing clear goals and objectives for the website, we aligned them with the overall web design and marketing strategy which included the visual concept, content, and high functionality for the ultimate UI and UX.  

This included offering a clear value proposition for the products, providing detailed product information and demonstration, and streamlining the purchasing process for self-serve conversion. Followed by testing and optimizing the website regularly to improve conversion rates.

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Partnership Built To Grow

The Imbassy team including the account manager and creative director communicate daily with Northbeam’s CMO and Senior VP of go-to-market to continue fine-tuning the web project to create an award-winning website that converts users at a rate significantly higher than the previous website users into MQLs (marketing qualified leads).

Imbassy helped a small marketing team that lacked a strong online presence. The team required a rebrand and a website that would effectively convert potential customers into paying clients.

By working closely with Northbeam’s team to fully understand their needs and goals. Through regular communication and a collaborative approach, the two teams were able to bring the Northbeam vision to life.

In just three months, Imbassy was able to help the marketing team reimagine its brand and create a website that truly reflects its values and message. 

The website is designed to be visually impactful and user-friendly, making it easy for visitors to understand the marketing team's offerings and services.

The result of this well-calibrated collaboration is a website that is set to take the organization to the next level. With a strong online presence and a clear brand identity, Northbeam is now better equipped to reach new customers and achieve its goals.

Imbassy's commitment to delivering quality results promptly is a testament to our expertise and dedication. The Northbeam team is now ready to launch its new website and start converting marketing people into customers.

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