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Bramar Strategic Services is a consulting firm that operates privately within the United States, offering a range of services to clients in both government and private sectors. 

Among its services are strategic planning, program management, and business development. 

The Agency prides itself on its ability to provide personalized solutions that cater to the specific needs of each client. 

Its team of experts has extensive experience in a variety of industries including aerospace, defense, healthcare, and technology. 

The Bramar team enlisted Imbassy's expertise to build a website that could meet their technical requirements and deliver a seamless experience to their customers with their digital transformation.

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Creative Collaboration and Agile Solutions

After assessing Bramar’s needs and their end goals the Imbassy team concluded that creating a user-friendly architecture was critical to ensuring that visitors could easily comprehend the nature of the business and navigate through the website to gain a clear understanding of the services offered. 

Another key focus was facilitating the firm's marketing efforts by establishing a clear resource structure. We identified five primary categories, including IT solutions, cloud management, cybersecurity, compliance, and SaaS. 

Rather than creating individual pages for each category, we opted to consolidate them into a single location, complete with a filtration system that enables visitors to quickly access articles of interest. 

Additionally, our team created an "About Us" page to provide visitors with more information about the brand and its team. Finally, the team structured the homepage to not only serve as a table of contents, but also as a representation of the brand's identity.

Bramar was a fledgling Agency operating in a highly regulated and conservative industry. Our team (Evgenii Tilipman Web Developer & Alex Cracan Web Designer) believed that projecting a professional, sharp, and trustworthy brand image was crucial for effectively engaging with clients. 

To validate this hypothesis, the Imbassy team conducted a thorough competitor analysis to identify industry trends and gather insights to inform Bramar's branding strategy.

Recognizing the importance of establishing credibility and attracting potential clients, we determined that Bramar, as a small IT business, required a professional and visually appealing website. 

To achieve this, we utilized Figma as our preferred design tool. Typically, we would begin with mid-fidelity wireframes, following a low-fidelity approach and information architecture established through the use of 

However, based on our analysis, moodboards, and information architecture, we felt confident in skipping the mid-fidelity wireframing step, allowing us to proceed more efficiently.

During the development process, the Imbassy team utilized several techniques to optimize the workflow and create an efficient and visually appealing website. 

One of these techniques was using pixels and percents instead of fluid methods to develop the site's content, resulting in wrapping instead of scaling. 

To create custom shapes like buttons and form validation, our team employed custom code. Swiper.js was utilized to create a CMS-based slider with a custom scrollbar for showcasing team members. 

CMS template pages and conditional statements were used to develop all blogs and service pages. Lastly,  the Imbassy team used Finsweet Attributes to create filtration and pagination features, which proved to be the easiest and most efficient approach.

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Website Built For Success

With an unbelievably short deadline, the outcome of our efforts was a website that has been for success. 

With a compelling online presence and a distinct brand identity, Bramar is now well-positioned to expand its customer base and accomplish its objectives. 

The swift and successful completion of this project by the Imbassy team is a testament to our proficiency, agility, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes.

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