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Let’s start with a little background of Grata. Grata is a platform that simplifies the process of finding and researching companies for acquisition, deal sourcing, and market intelligence. 

It offers a comprehensive solution for discovering new opportunities and gaining a competitive edge in the market. 

Grata was at a crossroads with their marketing efforts. Looking for solutions Grata’s internal team came to Imbassy looking to increase their visibility and online presence, both organically and through user experience optimization. 

Their main goal was to increase organic traffic and optimize the existing website for conversions and get maximum ROI from their SEO & CRO efforts.

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Creative Collaboration and Agile Solutions

Our team at Imbassy conducted an in-depth analysis of the website's performance, user experience, and functionality. 

By conducting a thorough analysis and viewing the data we were able to identify areas for improvement and gain valuable insight into how to optimize the website to enhance conversions. 

Our team has found the solutions Grata needed. We developed a plan that was both cost-effective and would produce measurable results every month. 

We conducted a comprehensive SEO audit to identify any technical issues that might be preventing their website from ranking higher in the organic search results. 

Taking a holistic approach to SEO and CRO, we leveraged keyword research and content creation to make the website more visible to search engines.

Ongoing website maintenance was also an essential factor in our success. Our team monitored the website regularly to ensure that all technical updates were made and any changes were incorporated into their SEO & CRO plans. 

We also provided monthly reports showcasing our progress and the impact of our efforts.

We designed the website with users in mind. To maximize user engagement, we utilized A/B testing to analyze user behavior and optimize web pages for maximum conversions. 

By designing a seamless and intuitive user experience, we increased page views and website interactions while driving more organic traffic. 

We also provided monthly reports showcasing our progress and the impact of our efforts. This allowed us to track performance in real time, so we could quickly make adjustments when needed to keep costs down.

Continuous on-site improvements with aggressive PR backlinks allowed Grata to climb the SERPs. 

Continuous testing on various pages across the website was a must, both website pillar pages and Landing pages were utilized for targeted traffic PPC ads including Google ads and social ads.

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Partnership Built To Grow

With six successful on-page optimizations, Grata saw a dramatic increase in organic search visibility, website engagement, and conversions. Our efforts resulted in a 23% increase in user registrations and page views within 2022. 

This allowed us to maximize ROI and ensure Grata is one step ahead of the competition. We continue to work with Grata on an ongoing basis to ensure their website is up-to-date and optimized for success.

Below are statistics from Imbassy’s marketing solution efforts for Grata:


  • Increased health score from 14 to 100. 
  • Impressions on Google increased by 50% from Q3 to Q4 of 2022. 
  • Continuous on-site improvements with an aggressive plan to bell curve traffic through PR backlinks.


  • Continuous testing on various pages across the website, both website pillar pages and Landing pages utilized for targeted traffic (google/social ads). 
  • With 5 successful on-page optimizations in Q4 alone, the average on-site CRO optimization we implemented in Q4 saw a 70% increase in conversions.

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