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How Imbassy Helps You Grow with Digital Advertising

Our Growth Partners work with internal Imbassy teams that include expert advertising specialists dedicated to expanding your reach. They use a proven and scientific approach to discover new audiences, grow your influence, and engage those genuinely interested in your message.

Each demand generation campaign we craft is unique, continuously evolving through testing of messaging, creatives, platforms, and impactful calls to action.

As one of our three core growth services, advertising is integral to our comprehensive strategy. Employing the flywheel methodology, we accelerate your market reach, ensuring rapid, effective audience engagement.


Advertising Services Include


AI Channel Mapping

Identifying key accounts likely to purchase within three months based on predictive AI trends.


Turnkey Grand Strategy

Inclusive of campaign planning, message crafting, and designing eye-catching creative assets.


Comprehensive Reporting

Across favorite channels like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, X Ads, and Google Ads, providing insights into CPC, CTR, and crucially, your CAC.

Process & Platforms

Our platforms are the channels where we deploy your campaigns. Our specialists pinpoint where your ideal customers spend their time, ensuring your presence is felt across their entire digital journey. Our aim is to establish your brand's omnipresence within your Total Addressable Market (TAM).

Platforms include: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, Google, and other prominent media channels.

Phase 1

If you don't have a running ad, no problem! We will create one using our advanced digital advertising strategies. In the first phase of the process, we're going to identify your ICP. Based on the ICP, we'll craft the perfect and precise strategy that will help you reach your audience. Already have ads running? We'll do the audit and make the most out of them.

Phase 2

Pinpointing the right digital channels is our second phase. Google, Meta, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), or a strategic mix of various channels - we know where your ideal customers are. Once we choose the best channel, we'll tailor the digital advertising strategy to it - we speak the language of every platform.

Phase 3

Tired of mediocre results? You're in the right place because in phase 3 we will create cutting-edge creatives that grab attention. The creatives we make go through testing and scaling processes, leading to the final data-driven decision. When it comes to creatives, we don't follow trends. We set them.

Phase 4

The final phase consists of reporting and continuous testing of ad performance. We love to have full control over our digital ad campaigns; therefore, we stand for continuous ad optimization, refinement, and monitoring of the process. Going beyond the basics is our goal; we're always seeking more in your digital ad.

asked questions

What makes Imbassy's approach to digital advertising unique?

Our unique approach combines AI-driven channel mapping, a turnkey grand strategy, and comprehensive multi-platform reporting. We focus on creating multi-channel campaigns that ensure your brand's omnipresence across your target audience's digital journey.

Can Imbassy handle advertising on all major digital platforms?

Yes, we manage campaigns across major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, and other key media channels, tailoring strategies to each platform's unique audience and capabilities.

What is Imbassy's strategy for new audience discovery and engagement?

Through AI channel mapping and predictive trend analysis, we identify key accounts and tailor messages that resonate with these new audiences, ensuring engagement and growth of your influence.

How does Imbassy determine which platforms to use for advertising?

Our advertising specialists conduct thorough research to identify where your ideal customers are most active, whether they're looking for products or spending leisure time online, ensuring we target the most effective platforms, on time.

How does Imbassy ensure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns?

We continuously test and refine campaign messaging, creatives, and calls to action. Our comprehensive reporting keeps you updated on key metrics like Cost Per Click (CPC), Click-Through Rate (CTR), and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

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