Reinventing the Nansen’s digital identity


Let’s start with a bit of background on Nansen, Nansen is a trailblazing analytics tool in the blockchain sphere, tailored for cryptocurrency investors. 

It revolutionizes blockchain transaction analysis with its advanced wallet labeling, simplifying data interpretation. 

This innovation is invaluable, offering a pathway to uncover potential opportunities, conduct thorough analyses, and secure digital investments. 

The Nansen team reached out to Imbassy to embark on a transformative journey for their primary marketing platform,, coinciding with the launch of their enhanced product, Nansen 2. 

This goal was not only a cosmetic update, it was a strategic overhaul aimed at reflecting the advanced capabilities of Nansen 2 in both the website's design and functionality and the Imbassy team was up for the challenge.

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Challenges & Innovative Solutions

Our collaboration with Nansen initially involved standard web design and development tasks, including animation, graphics, and SEO optimization. 

However, the introduction of Nansen 2 presented a unique challenge - the revitalization of the website to complement the tool's sophisticated features. 

This required a blend of creative design, strategic planning, and technical expertise, ensuring the website effectively represented the enhanced functionalities of Nansen 2.

The Imbassy team significantly enhanced Nansen's website's on-site SEO performance, elevating their score from 34 to 100. 

A key challenge addressed was the improper pagination setup, which resulted in the creation of thousands of extraneous URLs in Google Search Console (GSC). 

This issue was successfully resolved, leading to an improved indexation of the website.

The early access launch was a multi-dimensional venture. 

Our task extended beyond rejuvenating the website's design; it involved creating new pages that encapsulated Nansen 2's innovative features. 

Our design team skillfully crafted each element, ensuring cohesion with Nansen's brand. 

The team concentrated on enhancing user experience and effectively showcasing Nansen's story. Considerable effort and strategic thinking went into marketing the product. 

This clarity in direction allowed us to concentrate on our strengths. 

The team was dedicated to creating layouts with a proven track record and augmenting them with compelling visual assets, many of which were transformed into dynamic motion graphics. 

Considering the impact of a single image, one can only imagine the profound narrative power of animations.

The promotional video for the EA launch was a crowning achievement, blending artistic flair and strategic vision into a narrative that captured the essence of Nansen 2.

The development process focused on top-tier UX practices, with the pricing page standing out for its exceptional functionality. 

This included the integration of multiple interconnected swipers and bespoke toggle-style tabs. 

In addition to crafting a new page, our efforts were directed toward refining existing pages, like the Home page, to enhance their speed and performance metrics.

Building on the solid foundation during the EA phase, we anticipated a launch of even greater magnitude. 

Our team's synergy, with Nansen's visionary approach, forecasted a seamless and successful deployment.

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A Revolutionary Marketing Website 

This collaboration with Nansen highlights Imbassy's dedication to excellence and skill in navigating complex digital landscapes. 

As we continue to support Nansen's growth, our growth is cemented as well.

This project showcased how Imbassy sets new benchmarks in digital marketing, web design, and development, and establishes new industry standards.

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