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Let’s start with a bit of background of Krado, Krado is an integrative plant care system that utilizes real-time data to help plants thrive. 

The system includes a mobile app called Leaflet, a growing plant database, and plant nourishment products, all delivered through a subscription service designed to meet each user's and their plants' specific needs.

With Krado, users can access a wealth of information about their plants, including detailed care instructions, watering schedules, and plant-specific recommendations for fertilizers and other plant care products. 

The Leaflet app also provides real-time alerts and notifications to help users maintain their plant care routine. One of the key benefits is its focus on customization and personalization. 

Krado can provide tailored recommendations and care instructions that are specific to each user's needs and preferences.

In addition to its plant care products and services, Krado also offers a growing plant database that includes detailed information about a wide range of plants, including their ideal growing conditions, common pests and diseases, and tips for successful cultivation.

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Creative Collaboration and Agile Solutions

The Krado team, including their Chief Marketing Officer, recognized the importance of optimizing their web presence to boost lead conversion rates. To achieve this goal,  they sought out the expertise of Imbassy. 

Their primary objective was to design a website that incorporated animations that accurately reflected their flagship product, the Leaflet app.

The Krado team's decision to enhance their website was driven by their product's technological nature and their target audience's familiarity with advanced website features. 

As a result, Imbassy worked to create a website that featured interactive animations to engage users as they scrolled through the page, providing a modern and sophisticated user experience.

To meet this need, the Imbassy team revamped their website with a focus on providing a seamless UX and showcasing Krado's advanced offerings through fantastic animations and proper messaging.

One key aspect of the project was optimizing Krado's resource center with SEO-friendly copy, including blogs, to increase reach and engagement with the target audience. 

The Imbassy team also leveraged the benefits of Webflow to deliver a modern and advanced website including a robust CMS.

During the project, a minor pivot occurred when Krado expressed a need to incorporate a checkout page on the site. 

The Imbassy team pulled through and delivered exactly what the Krado team wanted and needed. This addition would enable Krado to sell products directly to users and increase sales.

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Website Built For Success

Krado's website has undergone a significant transformation and now serves as valuable digital real estate, enabling the Agency to showcase its products to wholesalers while also supporting end-users in making the product available across the USA with free shipping.

Our team at Imbassy had an exceptional experience collaborating with Krado. We take pride in providing tailored solutions that empower our clients to achieve their online objectives. 

Working with Krado allowed us to deliver a customized solution that met their specific needs to help them reach their online goals.

The Krado project is a testament to the agile approach of the Imbassy team, who consistently deliver the best products and services to their clients.

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