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Let’s start with a little background of RegFox. RegFox is a cloud-based event registration and management platform designed for event organizers. 

The platform provides features such as customizable registration forms, payment processing, attendee management, marketing tools, and analytics to streamline the event planning process and improve the attendee experience. 

Event planners, marketers use RegFox, and other professionals to create and manage events of all sizes.

RegFox’s CEO Erik Knop and Director of Marketing Justin Zoradi along with their SEO Manager reached out to Imbassy about launching their event registration platform. 

The goal was to creatively upgrade their online presence and increase their visibility both organically and through user UX and CX.

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Creative Collaboration and Agile Solutions

Together both teams worked to identify the pain points and where changes needed to be made. After we did thorough research we gained more insight into what people want from a ticketing website. 

The solution was to create an entirely new website with an emphasis on  UX/CX, appearance, functionality, and a solid SEO strategy.

Our team did this by creating an efficient and intuitive web experience that allows users to quickly and easily find the features they need. 

We also focused on SEO and content optimization so that RegFox could reach as many potential customers as possible. Our team upgraded their website into an elite event registration platform showcasing their industry-leading software. 

To maximize conversions on RegFox's website, we focused on a product-led growth approach. In order to gain insight into the needs and preferences of their customers, we conducted market research and created customer personas. 

We used this data to develop an effective design strategy, user experience, and content strategy for the website. To ensure that users have an intuitive experience navigating the website, we focused on simple user flows.

To maximize conversions, we incorporated visual cues like icons and other interactive elements such as calls to action and demos. We applied the best SEO practices to our content marketing strategy as well as optimized the web copy. 

A visually stunning website was created using Webflow, which enabled us to add functionality as needed. 

We incorporated custom coding, HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery into the design to deliver a seamless user experience and visual appeal that engages users.

Our team was able to take a highly technical product and turn it into a phenomenal website with every part smoothly working together. 

We built an intuitive, well-designed website that was optimized for maximum conversions with a strong focus on UX and CX.

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Partnership Built To Grow

We launched the website and significantly increased its SEO ranking within 6 weeks. In the first seven weeks after launching, RegFox saw record-breaking sign-ups.

The Imbassy team has worked closely with the RegFox internal team since the launch of its website to continue to optimize the SEO and conversion rates. 

We have increased organic traffic by 35% over the past three quarters. Imbassy was able to showcase how combined inbound marketing strategies work together to generate more revenue and stronger ROI.

It's essential for companies to continuously evolve and adapt to stay competitive and provide the best solutions to their clients. 

RegFox recognized this after the success they saw with our design, SEO, and CRO efforts. Imbassy now continues to manage its Google and social media ads. RegFox is the leading full-solution platform for event organizers.

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