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Let’s start with a little background on RealBlocks, RealBlocks is a platform that helps fund managers simplify the complexity of alternative investments. 

Their goal is to assist fund managers in leveraging digital technologies for their portfolios while tackling challenges such as vehicle creation and distribution, investor journey simplification, and global regulatory compliance. 

RealBlocks’s innovative digital platform integrates front, middle, and back-office functionality, putting you in complete control of your fund's full lifecycle. 

RealBlocks aims to expand companies' pool of investors and make alternative investments accessible to everyone in just a few clicks.

They strive to create the best investment experience for global advisors and investors by leveraging powerful algorithms and technology.

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Creative Collaboration and Agile Solutions

RealBlocks' Chief Marketing Officer and their internal team came to Imbassy looking for our team to provide fund managers with a unified digital platform that integrates front, middle, and back-office functionalities.

RealBlock's goal was to strike a balance between advanced technology and a seamless user experience. The project required a globally scalable platform with robust security measures to safeguard investor data. 

It was crucial to consider the specific regulatory requirements for fund managers to avoid any compliance issues during development and deployment.

Imbassy and RealBlocks embarked on a collaborative journey to create a comprehensive yet user-friendly web platform for fund managers. 

Our goal was to enable these professionals to manage their portfolios with ease and efficiency while providing intuitive access to users worldwide.

At the core of this project was the idea of democratizing access and liquidity for alternative investments, all while ensuring a seamless experience for both fund managers and investors. We sought to create a platform that was not only efficient but also intuitive and easy to use.

Our team conducted a comprehensive analysis of the market and carried out user research to understand the needs of fund managers using their platform. Based on these findings, we developed wireframes to meet those requirements and proceeded to create a user-friendly web interface for both users and administrators, 

Imbassy's development team has utilized advanced tools to create a highly resilient and secure web platform. 

They have employed the capabilities of Webflow, a superior content management system (CMS), to allow easy editing and updating of content while ensuring it is fully optimized for its intended use. This has resulted in an ultra-robust and secure web platform that meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.

But that's not all! 

To improve the user experience, Imbassy's team went the extra mile by creating a comprehensive resource center that includes a wealth of information. This resource center contains a variety of content such as engaging blogs, informative videos, enlightening white papers, and more, all of which provide valuable insights into the Agency and its offerings.

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Partnership Built To Grow

RealBlocks was launched seamlessly and on time, without any technical issues.

Since the launch, RealBlocks has experienced an expansion in its customer base and heightened user engagement, which we are proud to have contributed to with the secure and intuitive website we created. 

Our collaboration with RealBlocks is a testament to our commitment to excellence, and our team's unwavering determination to deliver top-quality results for our clients while ensuring compliance with global regulations.

Imbassy still works with RealBlocks providing them with ongoing maintenance and training.

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