Revolutionizing Liquibase’s web presence


Liquibase is a leading software solutions provider that specializes in advanced database change management and CI/CD automation, aiming to enhance collaboration, streamline DevOps processes, and ensure data compliance and security across various database platforms. 

Faced with significant challenges with its old website on WordPress Liqidbase couldn’t scale their marketing operations, the website backend on Wordpress was practically duck taped together and of course the old design didn’t meet market standards for marketing websites.

Reconizing this issue, Imbassy reached out to Michael Francisco, Vice President of Marketing at Liquibase with Solutions to elevate the Liquidbase site.

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Overcoming Obstacles with Breakthrough Solutions

The Liquibase website was plagued by a range of issues, from subpar design aesthetics to a convoluted backend, making it difficult for the team to update content and for users to navigate the site. 

The existing website, spread across two domains (.com and .org), fragmented the brand’s online presence. With over 3000 pages needing migration, the project posed a substantial challenge in terms of design, content organization, and technical execution.

Imbassy proposed a strategic migration from WordPress to Webflow, a platform known for its design flexibility, robust content management system (CMS), and superior performance. 

This transition was aimed at not only resolving the existing issues but also setting a solid foundation for future growth and scaling the website with targeted SEO campaigns. We wanted to build them a marketing website that is easy to navigate and for the marketing team to easily run campaigns on.

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The Blueprint of Innovation: Design & Development Dynamics 

Content Mapping and Information Architecture: Comprehensive content mapping and IA restructuring were undertaken to ensure a seamless user experience, effectively merging the .com and .org domains into a single cohesive .com website.

Website Redesign: The entire website underwent a complete redesign, with a focus on modern design elements and user experience. The design process was facilitated using Figma, enabling a collaborative and iterative approach to visualizing the new website.

Advanced Analytics Setup: To empower the Liquibase team with data-driven insights, advanced analytics tracking was integrated, allowing for detailed performance monitoring and optimization.

Custom Animations: The website was enriched with custom JavaScript animations, leveraging libraries such as GSAP, Pixi JS, and Swiper JS to create engaging and interactive user experiences. Lottie animations were also incorporated to add a layer of sophistication and dynamism to the web design.

Heavy CMS Integration: Recognizing the need for a robust content management solution, the migration to Webflow included a heavy emphasis on CMS capabilities, enabling the Liquibase team to easily update and manage website content.

Greenhouse Integration: To streamline recruitment processes, integration with Greenhouse was implemented, enhancing the career section of the website and providing a seamless application experience for potential candidates.

The migration to Webflow marked a new era for Liquibase, with the revamped website setting a new standard in design, functionality, and performance. 

The unified .com domain strengthened the brand’s online presence, while the custom animations and redesigned user interface significantly enhanced the overall user experience. 

The advanced analytics and CMS capabilities empowered the Liquibase team to effectively manage their online presence and adapt to the evolving needs of their audience.

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A Marketing Website Built For Success

Imbassy’s strategic approach to the Liquibase website transformation exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative and impactful digital solutions. 

By leveraging the power of Webflow and cutting-edge web technologies, we have not only addressed the immediate challenges faced by Liquibase but also laid a solid foundation for its continued growth and success in the digital realm.

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