Customized Website Packages for Your Stage of Growth

New Webflow design and builds with maintenance, we offer flexible pricing packages for your needs to help teams create new impactful websites.

Simple Marketing Site

Comprehensive design plus Webflow development, made for startups looking to establish a solid online presence.

As low as

End-to-End Creative

Full package with branding, advanced design, and development, perfect for startups ready to make a significant impact.

Starting at

Robust Marketing Site

Comprehensive package including high-end branding, for companies seeking a premium digital presence.

Starting at

Professional Website

Upgrade your startup with Imbassy's experts for growth. Feel the difference and experience the support on your path to success.

As low as

End-to-End Creative

Ensure your startup's noticeable online presence with a powerful Webflow website. Present your brand story wrapped in modern design and advanced functionalities.

Starting at

Complete Growth Site

Expand your startup using Imbassy's growth partner solutions. Move fast towards change and achieve all your business goals.

Starting at
Starting at

One suitable 12-month commitment package with custom add-ons available, please Contact Us for a transparent quote today.

Webflow Enterprise Hosting

Webflow Enterprise Studio Hosting provides a robust, secure, for businesses prioritizing a strong online presence, all backed by top-notch customer support.

High Performance:

Ensures exceptionally fast load times and smooth user experience, potentially improving search engine rankings.

Global Content Distribution:

Utilizes a powerful content delivery network (CDN) to provide reliable access and consistent performance worldwide, with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Robust Security:

Implements strong security measures, automatic backups, and 24/7 monitoring to protect websites and user data.

Seamless Collaboration:

Offers tools that allow designers and developers to work together efficiently, enhancing project development and maintenance.

Priority Customer Support:

Provides access to a dedicated team of experts for prompt resolution of issues and queries, ensuring uninterrupted and reliable online presence.

Marketing Website Builds

Our expertise is in digital strategy. Imbassy can assist growing businesses in boosting sales and achieving your digital goals.

60+ page website

Custom web designs


Webflow development

On-site SEO

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

CRM Integration


Responsive screens

Motion design

Digital marketing consulting

3D design

UTM tracking

Branding & Visual Identity

Custom graphics

Video Production

Sonic Branding

Imbassy Pro+

Ensuring Consistent Optimization for Peak Webflow Performance

Unlimited Content & Design Updates:

Comprehensive UI/UX redesigns tailored for the best user experience.

Full-Scale SEO Management:

Advanced keyword research, backlink strategy, and ongoing optimization.

Webflow Development:

Building out new features, interactive elements, and ensuring cutting-edge site functionalities.

Site Performance Checks & Advanced Optimization:

Regular and rigorous checks for optimum site performance.

Integration Monitoring & Management:

Comprehensive oversight and adjustment of all third-party tools and integrations.

Priority Technical Support:

Direct line for immediate assistance, with a 1-hour response guarantee.
Weekly consultation calls.
Access to Webflow Account Executive

  • Direct line for immediate assistance, with a 1-hour response guarantee.

  • Weekly consultation calls.

  • Access to Webflow Account Executive

Basic Maintenance & Development Package

Good for everyday revisions, updates to pages and development of new designs.

As low as

Imbassy Pro

Full extended creative team to help your website reach new heights.

Starting at

Imbassy Pro+

Access the elite level players, designers and strategists at Imbassy and truly transform.

Starting at


We value your trust and want to ensure that your Webflow site is always in the best hands. The Imbassy Care Guarantee is not just a promise; it's our commitment to excellence.

What is the Imbassy Care Guarantee?

Simply put, it's our promise of excellence. If, at any point, you feel our Webflow maintenance services do not meet your expectations or the standards we've set, we offer a money-back guarantee.

How it Works?


Engage with Us: Start by signing up for our Webflow maintenance service.


Continuous Monitoring: We keep a watchful eye on your site, ensuring it's running smoothly.


Feedback Loop: Should you find any issues or areas of improvement, let us know. We're here to make things right.


Money-Back Assurance: If, after addressing your concerns, you're still not satisfied with our service, we will refund you. Our goal is to ensure you have peace of mind with our services, and this guarantee underscores that commitment.

asked questions

How do I know which package is for me?

It's probably best to contact our intake specialists to help you scope your project out and advise on packages that fit your needs.

Do you offer flexible payment plans?

For packages over $25,000 we can offer quarerly or monthly payments to ensure that you have a flexible buget for your new initiaitve.

How is your pricing calculated?

Over the history of Imbassy we tracked our time to complete new website builds for our clients and averages our hourly rate of $175 per hour to the time it takes. These packages we're made transparently and are in-line with market rates.

Can I provide parts of the scope to reduce the cost?

Yes, you can provide designs, copywriting, lottie files and parts of the scope to reduce the cost. It's best to speak to our intake specialists to see if we can work with what you've provided.

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