Revamping Shipwell's Digital Presence


Shipwell, is a leading logistics platform, Karen Shipwells’ CMO, had a desire to elevate Shipwell's online presence to new heights. 

With a vision to blend aesthetics, functionality,  and usability aimed to outshine competitors the Shipwell team reached out to Imbassy to provide the solutions they needed to revamp its site.

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Facing The Challenges Head-On

Shipwell's website overhaul was a layered challenge. 

Not only did the Imbassy team face the daunting task of seamlessly migrating over 2,000 pages, but they also had to ensure that Shipwell's cherished mascot, Swifty the Otter, remained prominently featured. 

The Shipwell team made sure to let us know the importance of creating a website that was user-friendly for non-developers to make any needed changes or updates, all while surpassing industry standards in design and functionality.

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Breaking Ground With Innovative Solutions

The brilliant minds of the Imbassy team came up with a  revolutionary strategy, by what else, leveraging the agility of Webflow. 

Through meticulous planning, we orchestrated a seamless migration from WordPress to Webflow, prioritizing speed and simplicity. 

We wanted to embrace the client-first framework approach, placing their needs at the forefront, while integrating motion graphic animations to enhance user experience. 

Our design experts created visually captivating pages, enriched with dynamic motion graphics to captivate and inform.

Executing the Vision

Following an established design system and brand standards, we delicately crafted each page, guided by a detailed sitemap. 

Despite occasional hiccups stemming from reliance on placeholders, our development process proceeded smoothly. 

Although there were occasional delays in CMS migration due to revisions, the Imbassy team persevered and, as usual, delivered exceptional results.

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A Site Transformation That Exceeded Expectations

The revamped Shipwell website exceeded expectations, it is a perfect blend of beautiful aesthetics with practical usability. 

Post-launch, our collaboration with Shipwell continues, focusing on increasing on-site traffic and optimizing conversions through A/B testing. 

Our ongoing partnership empowers Karen and her team to make independent updates confidently, backed by Imbassy's expertise.

Imbassy's collaboration with Shipwell stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering transformative digital solutions. 

As Shipwell continues to thrive in the competitive logistics landscape, Imbassy remains a trusted partner, driving continued growth and innovation.

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