Showcasing Success: How Our Clients Excel with Webflow's Enterprise Features

Explore the success story of Imbassy's growth in 2023. Learn more about our prestigious client projects that demonstrate our expertise, and commitment.

April 29, 2024
8 mins
Enterprise Solutions
Showcasing Success: How Our Clients Excel with Webflow's Enterprise Features

Year after year, Imbassy is growing to a higher level.

Identifying weaknesses and setting clear, powerful goals enables us to achieve the success we envision.

Part of our success is reflected in amazing client projects.

We approach every client project with maximum care and dedication because our team of experts is here to succeed.

Since building a solid and trusting relationship between Imbassy and the clients is one of our main focuses, we strive to fulfill the client's vision with their goals in mind at every moment, because exceeding customer satisfaction is our goal.

Throughout 2023, we have had the honor of working on many prestigious and creative projects that contribute to what Imbassy is.

Our experts from different digital fields have done their very best to perfect even the smallest details within these projects.

With this in mind, here is a selection of our client's projects for 2023 in the following text.

This has been a successful year, and the projects that have come out of it have motivated us even more to do what we are the best at.

Taxi Agency (DTC)

When it comes to Taxi Agency (DTC), the Agency's focus is on safety, customer satisfaction, and technological innovation in its versatile taxi services set it apart. With a diverse fleet catering to different needs, DTC's user-friendly app and eco-friendly options are noteworthy.

In just three weeks, Imbassy and Digital Imbassy revamped DTC's website to align with its transition to a publicly traded Agency. Leveraging Webflow's innovative features, they developed a custom solution to enable seamless language transition in iframes.

The redesigned website features a compelling call-to-action, concise content with bullet points, and trust-building elements such as ratings and testimonials.

The site is optimized for various devices, with interactive features and improved accessibility. The team's content strategy focuses on measurable success through SEO optimization, customer feedback, and analytics-driven improvements. The site reflects 's dynamic transportation industry and positions DTC as a leader.

The recent IPO raised AED1.2 billion, demonstrating strong investor confidence and the impact of effective digital marketing and investor relations. The website prioritizes user-friendliness, security, and aesthetics.

The Digital Imbassy team continues to optimize the site, create high-quality content, and evolve it to meet customer needs.


YouHodler, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency market, was looking for an overhaul of its website by Imbassy.

The original playful design didn't meet the goal of attracting a more professional clientele. Imbassy aimed to transform the website into a visually appealing and revenue-generating asset.

Imbassy implemented key changes for YouHodler's website:

  1. Visual Transformation: Introducing a sophisticated dark theme with realistic imagery, creating a balance between playful and professional tones.
  2. Copy Overview: Experienced copywriters optimized the content for clarity and search engines, targeting improved visitor engagement and conversion rates.
  3. Real-time Ticker Integration: A cryptocurrency ticker was embedded in the navigation bar to allow users to stay up to date on prices without leaving the site.
  4. Flawless Integrations: The development team seamlessly integrated key features into the new design, prioritizing both functionality and visual appeal.

In summary, Imbassy accomplished a remarkable transformation of YouHodler's website, seamlessly integrating professionalism and functionality.

The continued partnership between the two companies exemplifies Imbassy's unwavering commitment to providing clients in the ever-evolving SaaS and B2B marketing industry with powerful digital solutions.

Trace Space

Trace Space aims to revolutionize engineering by providing advanced tools that merge physical systems with AI, enhancing project efficiency, productivity, and processes.

The objective is to streamline intricate product development.

In collaboration with Trace Space, Imbassy crafted a digital experience, not just a simple website. The modern landing page combines captivating animations with a creative yet strategic approach, resulting in aesthetically pleasing designs that are easy to navigate.

Despite facing challenges, such as extended waiting times due to internal updates, Imbassy remained committed to open communication, resulting in the project surpassing expectations.

This earned the agency a 5-star review on Clutch and a LinkedIn commendation, which marked a milestone in Imbassy's new Account Management playbook, reinforcing their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.


Adonis is a leading provider of healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions designed to enhance financial stability and patient care for healthcare organizations.

Adonis collaborates with clients at any stage of the RCM process, providing tailored solutions to optimize their operations.

To achieve its critical goals of attracting Series A funding, recruiting talent, and improving brand perception, Adonis partnered with Imbassy to transform its website. Imbassy conducted a comprehensive audit, prioritized key website sections, and focused on search engine optimization (SEO) to drive organic traffic.

The new platform prominently featured Adonis' product features, benefits, use cases, and client results.

Imbassy created a branded UI kit, utilized custom code for functionality, and employed CMS features for easy maintenance. New website significantly improved Adonis' online presence, resulting in attracting Series A investors and top talent.

The new platform solidified Adonis' position in the healthcare industry, leading to an expanded global reach.

This successful transformation is a testament to Imbassy's innovation and commitment to helping clients achieve their goals. Ongoing collaboration ensures Adonis continues to excel and evolve.


Nansen, an advanced analytics tool for cryptocurrency investors, received a significant upgrade with the arrival of Nansen 2, and Imbassy played a crucial role in the website remaking to showcase the tool's enhanced capabilities.

The project presented challenges such as improving website design, addressing SEO issues, and creating pages for Nansen 2's innovative features.

Imbassy's team successfully boosted the on-site SEO score from 34 to 100, resolved pagination concerns, and produced an engaging promotional video for the early access launch.

The development process prioritized top-tier UX practices and resulted in a standout pricing page with multiple swipers and toggle-style tabs.

Following the early access phase, the team is confident in a successful full launch, highlighting Nansen's forward-thinking approach.

Overall, Imbassy's collaboration showcased its excellence in digital marketing, web design, and development, setting new industry standards and elevating Nansen to new heights.


Grata, a platform that facilitates Agency acquisition, deal sourcing, and market intelligence, engaged Imbassy to improve its online presence and visibility.

The primary objective was to increase organic traffic, optimize the website for conversions, and achieve maximum ROI through SEO and CRO efforts.

Imbassy conducted a thorough analysis and identified areas for improvement.

A cost-effective plan was developed, which included a comprehensive SEO audit, technical updates, keyword research, content creation, and A/B testing for user engagement. Continuous monitoring and monthly reports ensured real-time performance tracking.

As a result, there was a 23% increase in user registrations and page views within 2022, with six successful on-page optimizations. Imbassy's marketing solutions for Grata led to significant improvements.

SEO health score increased from 14 to 100 and Google impressions jumped by 50% from Q3 to Q4. Also, continuous testing on various pages led to a 70% increase in conversions from five successful on-page optimizations in Q4 alone.

Imbassy continues to collaborate with Grata to ensure the website stays up-to-date and optimized for ongoing success.


Coherent, a global SaaS enterprise, is revolutionizing software development collaboration for business and IT groups.

By catalyzing bottom-up change, Coherent is transforming how diverse teams work together, converting complex spreadsheets into user-friendly APIs that empower end-users.

Andrew Hoerner, the Chief Marketing Officer, enlisted Imbassy to remake Coherent's website to improve marketing efficiency. Through creative collaboration and agile solutions, Imbassy set out to create a captivating website that leverages innovative technologies.

To meet the project's time-sensitive demands, the team chose Webflow CMS for its user-friendly interface and powerful features, ensuring prompt updates and adaptability to evolving project needs.

In the B2B SaaS industry, companies often encounter challenges with undefined visitor and buyer journeys on their websites, leading to engagement and conversion issues.

Coherent recognizes and acknowledges these challenges, and thus partnered with Imbassy to develop a solution. Together, their goal is to map out and optimize visitor and buyer journeys, ultimately improving the customer experience and driving business success.

Imbassy is actively working towards realizing this vision.

Unity Charity

Imbassy was selected by Unity Charity, a Canadian non-profit that empowers youth through Hip Hop, to rework their website.

The project had its fair share of challenges, including limited resources and a tight budget. However, the team overcame these obstacles, resulting in a successful project.

Developers utilized various techniques, such as VWs, VHs, and EMs, to create a seamless user experience. The site featured a CMS that allowed for diverse content types, along with Sticky Secondary Navigations, SwiperJS, AnimaJS, multi-step forms, CMS Tabs, and Number Count for dynamic elements.

During the design optimization phase, the team made tough decisions to prioritize user-friendliness, resulting in a fantastic, engaging website that exceeded expectations.

The launch showcases Imbassy's dedication, agile solutions, and commitment to excellence, offering an informative, easy-to-maintain platform for Unity Charity's mission.


7Bridges, a prominent B2B SaaS Agency, offers a state-of-the-art AI-driven supply chain management platform that empowers businesses.

Imbassy collaborated with 7Bridges to enhance its online presence and marketing efforts. The redesign was focused on simplifying the complex knowledge base structure by highlighting platform layers, separating Agency information, and creating a segmented Knowledge Base.

Challenges arose due to overlapping tags and the need for proper visual alignment.

To overcome these design challenges, the Imbassy team created a mood board that incorporated client preferences and industry research.

The playful approach chosen for the website aimed to balance the complexity of the industry.

Despite initial delays, the project showcased several innovative features, including responsive design, micro-interactions, sticky sections, SEO-optimized testimonials, and smart filtration and pagination.

This successful partnership resulted in a website that exceeded client expectations, reinforcing 7Bridges' market presence and branding excellence.

This achievement reflects the dedication and expertise of the Imbassy team in overcoming challenges and delivering exceptional outcomes.


Slash, the centralized neo-banking platform catering to the hustle economy, has partnered with Imbassy on its website remaking project.

Imbassy focused on aligning the website's design with Slash's style guide and latest trends to enhance visibility, organic traffic, engagement, and conversions via SEO optimization.

Imbassy conducted extensive research, planned a comprehensive sitemap, and assembled a dedicated team for design, motion graphics, development, SEO, and copywriting.

Despite encountering challenges in implementing advanced effects, the team created over 55 motion graphics, resulting in a visually engaging user experience.

The SEO specialist optimized the content, while the copywriter crafted SEO-friendly copy. Within six weeks, Imbassy launched the revamped Slash website, featuring a premium design, and delivering significant improvements in visibility, traffic, engagement, and conversions.

The collaboration resulted in an incredibly successful website remake, surpassing all ambitious goals. Imbassy's expertise in design, development, motion graphics, SEO, and copywriting played an instrumental role in this achievement.

As Slash expands, Imbassy will remain a reliable partner, consistently delivering exceptional outcomes for their clients.


Krado is a cutting-edge plant care system that includes a personalized subscription service and a Leaflet app. With real-time alerts and tailored recommendations, the app provides an exceptional user experience.

Additionally, Krado's plant database offers detailed information on a wide range of plant species.

To bolster its online presence, Krado partnered with Imbassy to optimize its website using animations that reflect the Leaflet app's functionality. Imbassy overhauled the site, with a keen focus on enhancing the user experience and incorporating interactive animations.

The project entailed generating SEO-friendly content for Krado's resource center and integrating a checkout page. The revamped website now serves as a valuable platform, showcasing products and facilitating direct sales with free shipping across the USA.

Imbassy's partnership with Krado highlights its agile approach to delivering customized solutions that meet its client's specific online objectives. The project exemplifies Imbassy's commitment to excellence in providing bespoke solutions.


Sasa Kuridza
Sasa Kuridza
April 29, 2024

My journey has taken me from a music enthusiast to a web design and project management aficionado. Fueled by my love for the arts and music, I've honed my skills in Web Design, UX/UI, Webflow development, and technical SEO over several years. Being a part of the Imbassy team has been a constant source of inspiration for my personal and professional growth. Leveraging my experience and expertise enables me to extend the full range of Webflow's benefits to our clients.

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