Breaking the Webflow Pricing - A Guide to the Enterprise Plan

Read on to learn more about what is Webflow Enterprise and how Enterprise plan costs vary depending on features, additions, and advanced capabilities.

April 29, 2024
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Breaking the Webflow Pricing - A Guide to the Enterprise Plan

As your business grows, you have to level up your customer game. And what's a better way to conquer the territory and lead over competition than a powerful online presence?

Let's face it, if you are a medium to large Agency, you're likely to need a website that can showcase all that you, as a successful business, have to offer. This implies that you will likely need additional security and data storage, a website that can handle your high traffic, but also unlimited design and development capacities that you can work with.

If you want to flow across the web fields and have the best of the best when it comes to your website, you may consider taking the Webflow Enterprise plan.

Webflow Enterprise plan doesn't have a static price. Webflow Enterprise's pricing could vary depending on the diverse features you potentially need for your business.

No worries, we covered everything you need to know about Webflow Enterprise costs. You just need to get ready to rule the web!

What is Webflow enterprise?

If you're a mid-sized or large Agency, you've probably worked your way up from the bottom rung of the corporate ladder. You know that nowadays having a solid online presence is key to your success.

But let's face it, creating a website that meets the needs of your successful business can be a real challenge. That's where Webflow Enterprise comes in! What makes it different from the regular use of the platform?

Let's take a look.

Among other features, Webflow Enterprise provides:

  • Better support
  • Advanced features
  • Advanced CMS
  • More security
  • No limits on Webflow
  • Priority in getting the newest features
  • SEO

Of course, both options offer customer support, but if you're a business person who chooses Webflow's Enterprise services, you're in luck!

Then you'll have your account manager to guide you through the website creation process like a pro.

What is the cost of Webflow?

What is the cost of Webflow?

The price of using the Webflow platform can vary depending on which plan you are subscribed to.

Currently, Webflow is offering 5 plans:

Free plan

A free Weblow plan provides a good opportunity for learning Webflow. It’s a good start for practicing website building, but also for students and education.

Basic plan

The Basic Webflow plan is perfect for static, simple websites without the need for CMS or e-commerce services.

How much Basic Webflow plan cost?

The Basic Webflow plan costs $18 billed monthly or 14$ billed yearly.

CMS plan

CMS plan is the most commonly used Webflow plan, and it’s good when you need basic CMS, higher than average traffic, or for creating a more dynamic website. A CMS plan is also a good solution if you want to start blogging.

How much CMS Webflow plan cost?

Webflow CMS plan costs $29 billed monthly or 23$ billed yearly.

Bussines plan

A business plan can be your choice if you expect high traffic or you want to manage a larger website.

How much Business Webflow plan cost?

Business Webflow plan costs 49$ billed monthly or 39$ billed yearly.

Enterprise plan

Webflow Enterprise plan is tailored to suit the specific requirements of sizable corporations and websites.

How much Webflow Enterprise plan cost?

For the Enterprise plan, you need to contact the Webflow sales team because pricing depends on your needs.

What determines the Webflow Enterprise plan pricing?

While specific pricing information for Webflow Enterprise may vary based on individual circumstances, there are a lot of factors in the game that can affect the overall cost.

Here are some of the most common factors that can affect the overall cost of a Webflow Enterprise plan:

1. Traffic and Bandwidth

Large companies tend to have high traffic on their sites, which can affect the pricing of the Webflow Enterprise plan. Additionally, the number of files on the site is a crucial factor when the Bandwidth is used, and it can also impact the pricing.

2. Custom Domain and Hosting Needs

A custom domain is necessary for brand recognition, SEO visibility, and credibility. The number of custom domains and specific hosting requirements can affect the final cost of the Webflow Enterprise plan.

3. Team Size and Collaborator Access

3. Team Size and Collaborator Access

Collaborative work on the Webflow site is a paid feature that unlocks many potentials for achieving the best results. The level of access and the number of team members working on the project can directly affect the pricing of the Webflow Enterprise plan.

4. Feature Access and Functionalities

The more access to Webflow features, integrations, and functionalities, the higher the pricing of the Webflow Enterprise plan. However, it also provides unlimited possibilities to ensure that your website meets the criteria you’ve imagined.

5. Service Level Agreements and Support

If you run a large business, it's crucial to ensure the quality and availability of services at all times. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can guarantee that, and with Webflow's full support, you can receive feedback at any time.

However, keep in mind that SLAs and Webflow support are premium features that factor into the cost of the Webflow Enterprise plan.

6. Security and Compliance

If your site contains sensitive or confidential data, or if you simply want to prioritize security, you may need additional security and compliance requirements. These enhanced security measures will affect the pricing of Webflow's Enterprise plan.

7. Data Storage and Backups

7. Data Storage and Backups

One of the most important components of any website is adequate data storage and backup of your website. The advantage of backup with Webflow is the automatic saving of site data and the possibility of restoring previous versions of the site at any time.

The amount of data stored and the coexistence of backups will affect the price of the Webflow Enterprise plan.

8. Design and Development Capabilities

Creating innovative, high-quality, and advanced websites often requires additional design and development capabilities. However, design and development capabilities come at an additional cost to Webflow Enterprise.

9. Content Delivery Network (CDN) Usage

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a system of servers in multiple locations that store and distribute cached copies of the site's content.

This approach easily reduces latency and improves website performance which leads to delivering content to the user from the closest server.

This is especially beneficial for users across the globe, but it can affect the overall price.

10. Custom Code and Integration Needs

Adding Custom Code to your Webflow website gives you versatile opportunities to improve the look of your website and go higher than pre-defined design elements. With Webflow Custom Code and Integration, you can make your website stand out but it will require a higher cost.

11. Training and Onboarding

If you are looking for a more personalized approach to Webflow training and onboarding process you may consider the Enterprise plan. This is especially beneficial to larger organizations with more specific needs, but it will require additional cost to the overall price.

12. Contract Length and Payment Terms

When it comes to determining the final price of a Webflow Enterprise plan, the length of the contract and payment terms agreed upon can have an impact.

13. Migration and Setup Services

Determining the cost of the Webflow Enterprise for your B2B SaaS Agency can vary depending on whether migration from another platform or extensive setup services are required.

Final thoughts

If you want to scale your business to a higher level and have the best of the best on the market, we highly recommend subscribing to the Webflow Enterprise plan.

Webflow Enterprise offers a wealth of features that can significantly improve your website's performance, appearance, and search engine ranking.

To get an exact pricing structure for the Enterprise plan, it's best to contact Webflow directly.

However, remember that you need to have a comprehensive conversation with the Webflow sales or Enterprise support team to get a customized quote that accurately reflects all your requirements.


Dusan Nedeljkovic
Dusan Nedeljkovic
April 29, 2024

Frontend Developer/Webflow Expert as a versatile person who is in love with digital development, I have integrated various skills that help me to be successful in my job. I have been involved in Web Development for more than 4 years and until today I worked on over 70 projects. Through my work, i integrated my knowledge from creating custom code pages using programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to creating advanced Webflow websites. Experience in the digital field has also given me advanced use of design tools such as Figma and Adobe programs. I'm motivated and always seeking personal and professional growth. Good organization and respect for deadlines and processes give me the fuel to always be on top of all tasks. To take my knowledge to a higher level, I have perfected research for clients and websites, as well as site map creation. Being well-organized, working in a professional and dynamic environment, having good energy, and pushing the limits motivate me to be the best in my job.

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