Top 6 updates and new features from Webflow conference 2023

Read on to find out what are the latest 2023 Webflow updates and how the usage of new features can make your website skyrocket.

May 8, 2024
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We all know Webflow - a platform used by over 3.5 million people, according to recent statistics.

The Webflow platform is number one when it comes to creating powerful websites that integrate values such as speed, quality, and accessibility.

Some of the main advantages of using the Webflow platform are:

  • No coding skills needed
  • Flexibility in building the site
  • Creative freedom
  • Powerful features
  • Friendly customer support
  • Huge marketplace for high-end templates and resources

All the important points for creating a high-performance website are covered with Webflow, but with Webflow Enterprise the story goes one step further.

The main thing remains the same - Webflow is irreplaceable when it comes to building websites.

But when you consider the scope of work and the size of the Agency's website structure, Webflow dominates and takes the lead over other website platforms.

Read on and find out all the latest 2023 Webflow updates and features that will skyrocket your website.

What are users looking for when it comes to Webflow?

The fact is that customers always look for you online first before they contact you.

Therefore, a website is crucial addition to your business.

A good website is not just a nicely packaged online portfolio.

These are some of the features why entrepreneurs choose Webflow:

  • Site structure
  • Advanced Security and fast hosting
  • Design freedom
  • Working with experts

Site structure

Another important point when choosing a web design platform is a strong enough website structure that can display all of a Agency's websites.

User can consciously use the box model when developing a website, which means that he has full control over the structure of the website.

When user has full control over the website structure, he can improve the website by making the code more efficient (using less code).

The best part is that Webflow allows you to customize the structure of the website and make it semantically correct at the same time, which has a positive impact on search engine optimization.

Advanced security and fast hosting

As the Webflow platform is always up to, you can be sure that all of your data is provided with maximum security. This can prevent the possibility of hacking, data loss, or other malicious acts.

Also, Webflow Enterprise gives you the possibility to use the CMS in more detail. You will have an insight into the history of editing, and copyrights, and better clarity if an error appears.

Design freedom

The design freedom enabled by the Webflow platform is one of the things that sets Webflow apart.

Users have the ability to explore limitless areas of creativity and create unique solutions.

Moreover, developers can control both the visual and dynamic components and bring the website to life with Webflow animations.

Working with experts

If you want the best of the best, there’s a pool of experts to choose from on the Webflow platform.

Even if you have the necessary knowledge and good developers, it is always a good business decision to have website management support from an expert.

On the other hand, Webflow Enterprise gives you the possibility to have an account manager working with you on your projects.

New Webflow features 2023.

As mentioned earlier, Webflow is constantly evolving, so changes to the platform have not gone by the wayside this year.

At the new Webflow conference held in Cairo on October 5, interesting new features were introduced.

These new features will greatly improve the use of the Webflow platform, and here are six important ones you need to know.


One of the most important new features of Webflow is localization, a change that many are excited about.

The new feature allows you to to create multilingual websites with one click - no coding required, with a fully customized design and SEO optimization.

Simply localize the text or images you want in the language you want, and you'll have a unique native-language website experience.

For entrepreneurs who operate globally, this feature provides a fantastic opportunity for expansion.

Spline native integration

Spline native integration is another new feature of the platform.

By playing with 3D elements and creating powerful animations, the look and feel of your website are taken to the next level.

The use of both tools is greatly simplified, resulting in full support for placement as well as direct spline scene setup in the Webflow canvas.

The new feature allows you to control and change objects, cameras, and lighting directly in the Webflow canvas.


With the appearance of the new variables feature, the creative freedom in website creation becomes unlimited, while branding becomes fully applicable.

This novelty is also very practical, allowing you to save all the elements you use when building a website in one place and use them again and again.

With the variables feature you can easily design tokens and store typography, colors, and sizes.

This new feature allows you to further customize pre-built themes and create the best possible solution for your brand.

Aspect Ratio

As far as aspect ratio is concerned, users of the Webflow platform now rely on a predefined layout and ratio of visual elements on the website.

With the new Aspect Ratio feature, the change is completely possible and brings a great simplification to the design part of the work.

The Aspect Ratio feature provides the ability to change and customize images, videos, and grid layouts.

Better cooperation

Another feature that greatly facilitates the process of designing and creating websites is the extension of collaboration within the same platform.

This feature allows leaving comments, assigning roles to several editors, and integrating general internal feedback.

Figma to Webflow plug-in

The last, but not least important new Webflow feature is the update of the Figma to Webflow plug-in.

You can manage the integration of these two platforms through the newly created companion app. The companion app allows you to sync Figma components and variables directly with the Webflow website.

With the newly added Design System tab, you can quickly launch your Figma project and connect it in real time.

Final thoughts

We must admit that the new features of the Webflow platform have exceeded all expectations.

Although Webflow is the leader when it comes to creating websites without coding, with the latest updates you can easily and simply complete all your projects.

Using Webflow, you can realize the full potential of the Webflow platform and dive into the world of innovative and modern website creation without limits.

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