How To Create Apps on Webflow App Marketplace

Discover the ease of web app creation with Webflow. Harness its features and tools for a seamless development experience.

April 19, 2024
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How To Create Apps on Webflow App Marketplace

When it comes to digital ventures, deciding between developing an app or a website is a substantial consideration.

Each has its unique advantages and use cases.

While Webflow has established itself as the premier low-code/no-code platform for crafting visually stunning marketing websites, its potential for app development has been somewhat uncharted territory for many users.

With the popularity of apps, a shift is occurring in the way people interact with software. Many individuals prefer the convenience of web apps that don't require installation on their devices.

Most of us likely use at least one web app daily, such as accessing our banking accounts online.

While Webflow is well-known for its website-building capabilities, it's worth exploring its potential for creating more complex applications.

This article delves into the available options for leveraging Webflow in app development, acknowledging that Webflow's app development features are still evolving.

Intrigued by the possibility of developing an app with Webflow? Let's delve into the details and discover the potential it holds for your next project.

Why might your Business might need an App?

Why might your Business might need an App?

Creating an app transcends the realm of merely showcasing your business to potential customers.

It represents a dynamic tool for long-term customer engagement, creating customer retention, loyalty, and audience expansion.

A web-based app seamlessly integrates with your business operations, optimizing efficiency and user experience.

Beyond operational benefits, having an app serves as a potent marketing asset.

It establishes a direct and personalized channel to engage with your customers, offering them exclusive sales, promotions, and deals at their fingertips.

What’s more, the acquisition of valuable customer data is simplified when users engage with your web-based application.

This not only enhances brand awareness but also fuels customer engagement, particularly when integrated into your customer support ecosystem.

Having a web-based app can set your business apart from the competition, especially if your competitors have yet to embrace this technology.

In essence, if an app can enhance customer loyalty and attract more patrons to your business compared to similar ventures, it becomes a compelling reason to explore app development as a strategic advantage.

Comparing App Development to Website Creation

Comparing App Development to Website Creation

Webflow has earned a reputation for its versatility in website design, accommodating both simple one-pagers and complex marketing sites with 50 pages.

Its user-friendly approach makes website creation swift and efficient. However, when it comes to app development, the path forward becomes less clear.

Currently, Webflow is on its journey to support the creation of intricate web applications.

While it offers a foundation for building apps and maintaining code integrity to some degree, it's important to acknowledge that Webflow may lack certain features required for comprehensive app development.

Nonetheless, for relatively straightforward app projects, Webflow makes it relatively easy to incorporate basic data elements.

Additionally, as the app development landscape evolves, new tools are emerging, providing viable solutions for building apps with Webflow, even when dealing with more complex data sets.

Explore these options to tap into Webflow's potential for your app development endeavors.

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Complementary Tools for Webflow App Development

In web application development harnessing the right integration tools can make all the difference.

Webflow has long been a preferred choice for web designers and developers looking to create visually stunning and functional websites.

Its intuitive interface and comprehensive design capabilities have made it a go-to tool in the industry. However, when it comes to app development, the waters can become murkier.

Developing a web application often requires a different set of features and capabilities than creating a static website.

While Webflow is versatile, it might fall short in some areas of app development.

This is where external tools like Airtable and Outseta come into play.

Airtable and Outseta, are known for enhancing the Webflow app development experience significantly.


Airtable is a versatile and user-friendly database tool that seamlessly integrates with Webflow.

It simplifies managing and organizing data, making it an ideal companion for app development.

One of the standout features of Airtable is its flexibility.

You can structure your data in a way that makes the most sense for your app, creating custom fields, tables, and relationships.

This flexibility allows you to adapt your database as your app evolves, ensuring scalability and efficiency. While Airtable excels in data management for app development, consider exploring Airtable alternatives for even more flexibility in structuring your data.


Outseta is a game-changer in the realm of web application development. It's an all-in-one tool that combines customer relationship management (CRM), subscription billing, email marketing, and support ticketing into a single platform.

What sets Outseta apart is its seamless integration with Webflow, making it a comprehensive alternative to multiple other tools.

With Outseta, you can:

  • Manage Subscriptions: Handle subscription-based services and billing effortlessly, providing a seamless experience for your users.
  • Build Relationships: Utilize CRM features to nurture customer relationships, track interactions, and understand user behavior.
  • Execute Email Marketing: Create and manage email marketing campaigns to engage with your user base effectively.
  • Provide Support: Streamline customer support with ticketing and knowledge base functionalities, ensuring excellent user experiences.

It replaces the need for various tools such as Hubspot for CRM, Memberstack for subscription management, MailChimp for email marketing, and Zendesk for customer support.

This not only simplifies your workflow but also reduces costs and potential integration headaches.

Final Thoughts

When considering the advantages of developing a web app with Webflow, it's essential to highlight the seamless process that's no more challenging than building a conventional website. Beyond its user-friendly approach, Webflow offers access to a wealth of features found within its comprehensive toolkit, encompassing Webflow Designer, Webflow Editor, and much more.

Fuel your app creation journey with Webflow!


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April 19, 2024

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