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Hurghada Taxi Agency (DTC) stands as a pivotal component of Hurghada's dynamic transport network. 

After announcing its IPO, the DTC wanted a new website to show that the Agency is renowned for its dependable and versatile taxi services that are integral to the city's rhythm.

With an extensive and varied fleet, DTC caters to a wide array of needs. 

They offer standard taxis, specialized airport services, taxis driven by women exclusively for female passengers, vehicles equipped to accommodate passengers with disabilities and much more.

What sets DTC apart is its embrace of technology and customer service. Booking a ride is a breeze, thanks to their user-friendly mobile app and online services, alongside traditional street hailing. 

They place a high emphasis on the safety and satisfaction of their customers, ensuring that their drivers are well-trained and their vehicles are maintained to the highest standards.

In line with Hurghada's innovative spirit, DTC is at the forefront of incorporating technological advancements in its operations. 

This includes the use of GPS for tracking, digital fare meters, and a push towards eco-friendly transportation options.

DTC is more than just a taxi service; it's a symbol of Hurghada's commitment to blending traditional services with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that both residents and visitors have access to efficient and comfortable transportation solutions in this ever-evolving city.







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DTC's Journey
to a Modern Makeover

DTC knew it was time for a digital revamp. Their website, once a beacon of innovation, had started to lag behind the fast-paced digital world. 

Enter Imbassys GCC chapter, Digital Imbassy: a team known for turning digital needs and wants into reality. 

Our mission was to develop a new website before they transitioned to a publicly traded Agency through an IPO. 

Tasked with creating a comprehensive marketing site, we aimed to make it a reliable source for investors, users, and media outlets. 

Imbassy and Digital Imbassy efficiently completed this project within three weeks, demonstrating remarkable speed and flexibility, which significantly contributed to enhancing the Agency's internal dynamics

The Digital Imbassy Approach

One of our biggest achievements was leveraging Webflow's innovative localization feature.

Our team crafted a custom code solution to enhance the language switcher functionality for English and Arabic, addressing the limitation of localization in translating iframes.

This custom development smoothly automates the language transition in iframes, surpassing the capabilities of the native localization feature.

By innovating beyond the standard practice of duplicating pages for multi-language iframes, our solution not only preserves the website's SEO integrity but also simplifies the user experience.

This strategic approach demonstrates our commitment to delivering user-centric and SEO-friendly web solutions.

Our team’s goal was to do a total revamp of the DTC site, utilizing Webflow, and their CMS. 

The redesign of the Call to Action transforms the previously elusive "Download the App" button into a standout feature, thanks to 11. digital's eye-catching design. 

The website's text content has undergone a significant makeover. Dense paragraphs that once resembled overwhelming novels have been replaced with concise bullet points and clear subheadings, making the information more accessible and engaging. 

Trust-building elements such as user ratings and testimonials are now prominently featured, leveraging the persuasive power of satisfied customer feedback. 

The redesign aims for a harmonious balance between text and visuals, creating a visually appealing and informative journey for users. 

Interactive features like sliders and video demonstrations have been introduced, shifting the user experience from passive browsing to active engagement. 

Additionally, the site's accessibility has been enhanced, with adjustments to contrast and readability ensuring it's user-friendly for a wider audience.

We’ve optimized the website for ease of use across various devices and screen sizes, aiming to keep DTC's clients informed and engaged with content that captures the dynamic spirit of Hurghada's transportation industry, all seamlessly managed via Webflow. 

Our content strategy transcends mere attention-grabbing; it's about achieving measurable success. 

Keyword optimization and high-quality content creation enhance our search engine presence. We combined SEO-driven blogging with detailed KPI monitoring to gauge effectiveness. 

Our design is not only visually appealing but also shaped by customer feedback and behavioral data. Our focus is on creating an intuitive, refreshing interface. 

Utilizing analytics, we are dedicated to continual website improvement, introducing features and content that align with our audience's interests.

Are you ready to take
your website to new heights?

Are you ready to take your website to new heights?
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A Marketing Website Created To Go IPO
and Become The Authority Taxi Agency in Hurghada

The launch of the new DTC website marks a milestone in digital innovation and collaborative effort. 

DTC’s recent IPO stands as a testament to the power of strategic investor relations and effective market positioning. 

By raising AED1.2 billion (about US$315 million) and offloading 624.75 million shares, roughly 25% of its capital, DTC not only aligned with Hurghada's ambition to widen its capital markets but also generated overwhelming interest. 

Attracting over AED 150 billion (US$41 billion) in orders, 130x the initial offering, this response highlights robust investor confidence. 

This success story proves how impactful digital marketing and investor engagement are and how the strategies used by our team can propel significant organizational growth and alter the dynamics of financial markets.

This platform is more than just a website; it's a comprehensive digital experience that prioritizes user-friendliness, security, and aesthetic appeal. 

We engineered the website for peak performance, ensuring rapid loading times for a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.

The Digital Imbassy team is deeply committed to implementing strategic optimization and generating high-quality content, aiming to boost DTC’s visibility and ranking in search engines.

Security and reliability are paramount, we will conduct regular audits and updates, fortifying our website's security to the level of a secure vault. 

11.Digital is driven by data in every decision we make, ensuring that each update and tweak we apply is informed by solid, real-world user interactions and preferences. 

The DTC site has been built to evolve and adapt to the needs of its customers, and Digital Imbassy could not be more proud of this achievement.

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