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Content Calendar Tools For 2021

What is the best editorial calendar?

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Here we Review the Best Content Calendar Software Tools to help the content team choose the Content Calendar Tools as per their need:

An editorial content calendar is a tool to plan the content of the website. You can use the tool to schedule tasks for the content management team. It is an administration tool to manage the content team.

With an editorial content calendar, you can plan and monitor tasks assigned to the team. Here, in this tutorial, we will review the 15 best content calendar tools you can use for scheduling tasks and collaborating with the content team.

Let us review the content marketing calendar tools below.

13 Best Content Calendar Software Tools 2021

#1) monday.com

monday.com – Best for managing and scheduling marketing, CRM, Sales, HR, Software Development, IT, Construction, and other projects.

Monday.com | Content Calendar Software Tools

monday.com is a task management scheduling software that is targeted at both individuals and agencies. The app can be used for assigning tasks, monitoring status, setting priorities, and viewing the due date and timeline of the assigned tasks.


  • Team planning
  • Project overview
  • Also Gantt views
  • Calendar view

Verdict: monday.com is an affordable app for managing content management tasks. Also the software has features that will suit the requirements of individuals, agencies, and enterprises.

Price: monday.com is available in five different packages.

The price of the basic version is free that is appropriate for individuals. The paid version cost starts at $8 per seat per month and is targeted to agencies and enterprises. The calendar view feature is available in Standard and Pro packages. You can also try the Premium version of the software for up to 14-day.

#2) Trello

Best for editorial content management for individuals and teams.

Trello Dashboard | Content Calendar Software Tools

If you want an easy-to-use content management app with advanced features, you should consider Trello. Also the application supports managing complex content management teams and tasks.


  • Assign and monitor due dates
  • Activity logs
  • Also Automated command runs
  • Timeline view
  • Advanced checklists

Verdict: Trello is one of the best editorial content calendar applications. But you have to sign up for a paid package for the calendar view for managing tasks and content.

Price: Trello is available in three packages.

The free version allows unlimited cards, activity logs, members, and up to 10 boards. A business-class package costs $10 per user per month that has advanced features like a time table view, unlimited boards, calendar view, and map view. You can also sign up for a 14-day free trial with unlimited functionalities to test the application.

Trello Pricing | Content Calendar Software Tools

#3) HubSpot

Best for planning and organizing digital marketing content.

Hubspot Dashboard

HubSpot Blog Editorial Calendar Templates is a spreadsheet template that you can use to manage the blog team. The template can be used to manage content for a website or social media profile. Also you can customize the template based on your own content management requirement.


  • Blog editorial sheet
  • Also Customizable template

Verdict: Hubspot Blog Editorial Calendar is a free template to manage the blog content. It can be used to manage a large content project and team using MS Excel and Google Sheets.

Price: Free.

#4) CoSchedule

Best for viewing, scheduling, and sharing digital marketing and content management projects.

CoSchedule Dashboard

Coschedule is a versatile content management application. Also the application allows you to manage content management tasks and workflows. It allows sharing of the read-only calendar with the team. The app can coordinate and manage content projects, processes, and teams.


  • Real-time calendar
  • Custom views
  • Also Share calendars
  • Manage workflows

Verdict: Coschedule is a top-rated content management application. Also most professionals and agencies will find the editorial content management application to be affordable and value for money.

Price: Coschedule application is available in two versions.

The Marketing Calendar application costs $29 per user per month. It features a real-time calendar, social publishing, and automation tools, and share read-only calendars. The marketing suite is for enterprises that want to manage and automate the team workflows. You can try the features of the software for 14-days.

CoSchedule Pricing

#5) Google Calendar

Best for creating events, tasks, and reminders for individuals and teams for free.

Google Calendar Dashboard

Google Calendar is a simple and efficient online scheduling tool. The cloud-based app allows content managers and website administrators to assign tasks and set a deadline. The application can sync the information over different desktop and mobile devices.


  • Create events, notes, and reminders
  • Yearly, monthly, and daily calendar views
  • Also Tasks and reminders
  • Integrate with Google suite apps

Verdict: Google Calendar is a simple and easy-to-use online scheduling app. Also content managers can use the app for assigning and monitoring tasks to the team.

Price: Free.

#6) SocialPilot

Best for visualizing and managing content strategy using a social media calendar.

SocialPilot 1

SocialPilot is a simple and easy-to-use content management tool. Also the software allows the management of website and social media content. The tool is suitable for digital marketing professionals and agencies.


  • Social media account management
  • Analytics
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Also Content discovery
  • Customer management

Verdict: SocialPilot is an all-in-one content management application for digital marketing professionals and firms. The application has all the must-have features required to manage social media and website content.

Price: SocialPilot is available in four packages. Also the price of the package starts at $25.50 per month. A free 14-day trial allows you to test the features of the software.

Here are the details of the different packages:

SocialPilot Pricing

Website: SocialPilot

#7) Loomly

Best for collaboration, publishing, and measuring results of content projects.

Loomly 1

Loomly is a great content management tool that can be used to manage content tasks. Also the application has advanced features for managing complex workflows. It supports post idea generation, hashtag suggestions, audience targeting, and advanced analytics.


  • Content tasks management
  • Social media account overview
  • Also Custom workflow
  • Post ideas
  • Hashtag suggestions

Verdict: Loomly is an easy social media calendar management software where managers can plan, create, and publish the content of several daily tasks continuously and efficiently. Also this tool is suitable for both individuals and teams.

Price: Loomly is available in five different packages.

The price of the Basic package is $25 per month that supports 2 users and 10 social accounts. Standard, Advanced, and Premium versions are available at $57, $119, and $249 per month, respectively, that support more users and social accounts. If you want to test the functionalities of the software, you can sign up for a free 15-day trial.

Loomly Pricing

Website: Loomly

#8) Airtable

Best for building customized systems and workflows for content management.

Airtable Dashboard

Airtable is a content management application targeted to individuals and agencies. The free content calendar software can be used for managing blogs with basic features.  Also agencies should sign up for a paid version that has more advanced content management features for managing complex workflows.


  • Multiple views – grid, calendar, kanban, form, and gallery
  • Attach files
  • Also App integration
  • Whitespaces for organizations

Verdict: Airtable is a unique content management app. Also the application is suitable for individuals and teams for collaborating on different workflows.

Price: Airtable is available in four packages including Free, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise. The paid plan price starts at $10 per seat per month. You can also sign up for a 14-day trial to test the functionalities of the application.

Airtable Pricing

Website: Airtable

#9) Kapost

Best for planning, producing, and analyzing the marketing content.

Kapost Website new

Kapost is a dedicated content management application. Also you can use the application to align the content strategies with the customers. It has basic content management features for managing a small content team.


  • Assign tasks
  • Manage content team
  • Also View status
  • Integrate with apps

Verdict: Kapost is a useful app for managing the content team. The application may not have advanced content scheduling features. But the basic feature will meet the requirements of most users.

Price: You have to contact the company for a custom quote.

Website: Kapost

#10) WordPress Editorial Calendar

Best for assigning and managing posts using WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Editorial Calendar Dashboard - Content Calendar Tools

WordPress Editorial Calendar is a free plugin that makes it easy to manage content. Also the open-source plugin can be used by WordPress website administrators to manage the content team. Moreover, the authors can also use the free content calendar app to edit and publish posts. Guest contributors can create and publish draft posts that can be viewed and published by the administrators.


  • Drag and drop
  • Quick edit post titles and content
  • Also Publish or manage drafts
  • See the status of posts
  • Manage posts from multiple authors

Verdict: WordPress Editorial calendar is a free app that is a must-have for WordPress website owners.  Also the tool lets the website owner view, monitor, and update posts from different writers.

Price: Free.

Website: WordPress Editorial Calendar

#11) Answer The Public

Best for discovering content ideas for the freelancers, agencies, and team.

Answer The Public - Content Calendar Tools

Answer The Public allows you to discover what people are thinking about different terms. Also the application allows you to generate content ideas for the team. You can search for topic ideas using different keywords.


  • Generate content ideas
  • Compare data over time
  • Also Listening alerts
  • Export data

Verdict: Answer The Public is not a calendar app but a content generation website. You can use the online tool to generate ideas for the content team.

Price: Answer The Public is available in three versions: Free, Pro and Enterprise. Pro versions have no search limit, while the Free version is limited to about $500,000 based on the site traffic. The annual cost of the Pro version is $79 per month, while the cost of the Enterprise version is $399 per month.

Here are the details of the different packages offered to the customers:

AnswerthePublic Pricing - Content Calendar Tools

Website: Answer the Public

#12) SproutSocial

Best for planning publishing strategy and maintaining oversight of the content team.

SproutSocial Dashboard - Content Calendar Tools

SproutSocial is a comprehensive content management tool. The application has dozens of features to manage the content. It supports social content calendar, review management, competitor’s social profile, and many other features.


  • Social profiles
  • Publish, schedule, draft, and queue posts
  • Review managements
  • Custom workflows
  • Chatbot and automation tools

Verdict: SproutSocial allows you to do much more than assigning and monitoring tasks. You can manage social profiles and analyze the profile of the competitors. But the price of the app is a bit high as compared to most other content management calendar apps.

Price: SproutSocial is available in Standard, Professional, and Advanced packages that cost $9 per user per month, $149 per user per month, and $249 per user per month, respectively. You can also sign up for a 30-day trial to test the features of the software.

SproutSocial Pricing

Website: SproutSocial

#13) SEMrush Marketing Calendar

Best for managing content calendar and campaigns for freelancers, SMBs, and agencies.

SemRush Dashboard

SEMRush marketing calendar app allows website owners to analyze and monitor websites. The calendar tool can be used to assign tasks to the content team. Moreover, users can analyze competitor’s traffic, rankings, social media results, and much more using the tool.


  • 40+ SEO,PPC, SMM tools
  • Analyze competitor’s website
  • Content management platform
  • Google Studio integration

Verdict: SEMRush Marketing tool is not for everyone. The tool is targeted to marketing professionals and agencies who want to analyze the website apart from managing the content.

Price: SEMRush Marketing tool is available in three different versions including Pro that costs $119.95 per month, Guru which costs $229.95 per month, and Business that costs $449.95 per month. To test the features of the application, you can sign up for a 7-day trial.

Here is a comparison table that lists features of the different plans:

SemRush Pricing - Content Calendar Tools

Website: SEMRush Marketing Calendar

Conclusion The Best Content Calendar Software Tools 2021

Trello and CoSchedule is the recommended software for managing the content teams for professionals and agencies.

Also If you are looking for a simple content calendar application to schedule tasks, you should use WordPress Editorial Calendar or Google Calendar. HubSpot Content Calendar Tools is a simple content management spreadsheet that can help in managing content tasks.

To generate content ideas for the team, you should consider using Answer The Public and SproutSocial content management software. If you want a content management application for managing notes, the best software includes Evernote and Asana.

Frequently Asked Questions – Content Calendar Software Tools 

Q #1) What is editorial Content Calendar Software Tools?

Answer: It is an application to plan and schedule tasks for the content team.  Also The tool can assign tasks and monitor performance using an online content calendar.

Q #2) What are the features of an editorial Content Calendar Software Tools?

Answer: The content calendar application contains different features to manage and collaborate with the content team. The tool allows you to assign posts to different team members. Also You can assign blog topics and view the status of the posts. Some tools also have an online collaboration feature allowing you to communicate and share posts online.

Q #3) Why should you use Content Calendar Software Tools?

Answer: Editorial content calendar is typically used by the content manager to assign and monitor tasks. The manager can use the content calendar application for monitoring the performance.

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