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Best Content Marketing Tools 2021 You Can’t Live Without

What are good content marketing tools?

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The Best Content Marketing Tools, apps, and software make it easier to produce engaging content for converting website visitors into customers.

Content marketing is about communicating brand, call to action, and providing unique selling points to customers, using a combination of publishing tools, apps, or software. Whether it’s business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C), the content of your marketing needs to be clear and targeted.

In the old days this could be as simple as a slogan on a poster, but these days with the profusion of digital and social media there are so many different ways to connect with a buying audience.

Strong articles and other features can pre-sell your audience to buy into your brand, product range, or a particular product, especially if targeted at an already receptive audience.

The result is that modern marketing needs a good content marketing strategy, and that means being able to play to different audiences with different media, with different messages properly targeted toward them.

Here therefore are the best in content marketing tools, for helping get your message out there.

10 Best Content Marketing Tools That Can Improve the Effectiveness of Your Content in 2021

1. Keyword Everywhere Extension: keyword finder

You don’t stand a chance to rank higher in search results if you have not optimized your content around specific keywords.
Researching keywords in a particular niche that have high search volume as well as low competition is one of the toughest parts of a content manager’s job.
Google AdWords is the most popular tool for conducting a keyword research, and chances are that you might already be using it.

Best Content Marketing Tools


Best Content Marketing Tools

But another you should consider is Keyword Everywhere Chrome extension. It lets you see the volume, competition and CPC for any keyword that you search in the Google Search interface itself. It’s great for discovering new keywords while you browse the internet. You can also see the SEO stats for certain websites when you decide to toggle the feature on and off – a fantastic hack.

2. Mention: media monitoring and social listening platform

Content managers need to be creative and analytical at the same time. But that’s only possible if they have the right data in their hands.

What’s more? They need to stay on top of what is being said about their brand, product, industry, competitors, and influencers. By knowing this insight, content managers can pitch great articles that are about relevant, trending topics and see whether they are performing better or not in comparison to their competitors.

This is where Mention comes in.
Dashboard Reports list| Best Content Marketing Tools

This media monitoring and social listening tool helps content managers track their brand awareness, achieve better insights on their social mentions, and find online influencers – all from one easy to use platform.

3. Buzzsumo: Best Content Marketing Tools

Every marketer knows the importance of knowing what your competitors are thinking and doing. It’s difficult in the offline world, but Buzzsumo makes it a piece of cake in the digital world.

Leverage this tool to discover the top performing content on particular keywords on the entire internet including social media. You can also analyze the top-performing content to see what elements are contributing to the success or failure of a particular content piece – all you have to do is emulate what’s working.

4.  Tapinfluence: influencer marketing


Initiated as a community platform for bloggers, Tapinfluence is known to bring together all content creators, influencers, and brands through meaningful content that is actionable and invokes inspiration in people.

Another aspect that the platform takes seriously, is to reshape content and how it should be delivered to the end readers. With the use of this tool, content marketing managers can create and execute a robust influencer marketing program. It allows easy tracking of how the content is performing beyond blogs. What’s more, you get to meet influencers that help you bring more engagement to your blogs.

5. ProProfs Chat: live chat software

Most content marketers don’t fully leverage the power of live chat for websites. Proprofs Chat is much more than a tool for just chatting with website visitors and maintaining customer satisfaction. Instead, it is the ultimate source to understand what your customers actually want from your website or product.

Start by analyzing your chat history and transcriptions to learn about the top-queries that your users asked on live chat. Voila! You now have the material for the perfect content that you need to create that will resonate with your user base.

6. Snagit: Best Content Marketing Tools


More often than not, you need to include screenshots in the form of JPEGs, GIFs or video format in your content pieces. This is especially the case when the focus of your content is on a software or a tool. Or, you need to showcase some data from somewhere like Google Analytics.

If you are still using the PrntScr key for the same and editing it in Paint or Photoshop, you are simply wasting a lot of precious time. Use Snagit to quickly take a screenshot or screen recording and simply edit in its editor to add annotations, arrows, callouts and more.

7. Lumen5: video content maker

Video is the most popular type of content currently, and it shows no signs of slowing down. But creating professional looking videos must be really difficult to make, right?


Lumen5 is and AI-powered, cloud-based video creation platform that allows even total beginners to create amazing, highly engaging videos in minutes. “Enter a blog post or RSS feed and the Lumen5 artificial intelligence system will help you summarize the content and match each scene with relevant videos, photos, and music.”

A tool that saves you time while creating awesome videos? Yes, please!

8. Brightedge: create optimized content

Brightedge is the perfect option when it comes to creating content that is highly visible to your customers and target audience. The content optimization tool helps you to discover the true search demand of your target audience, which allows you to create content that caters exactly to their needs. You can also measure how your digital content is performing and later improve accordingly.

In short, it is one platform that helps you create content marketing strategy that helps you target your audience, monitor the performance, and delight them efficiently.

9. Hubspot: Best Content Marketing Tools

Next worth using content marketing tool is Hubspot. You may have heard of this tool as it is most popular in digital marketing sector. Whether you have a small, medium, or large business, this tool works for every marketer. Moreover, the glory of this tool lies in creating quality content which helps you target a wide range of audience or customers. With the powerful features, the tool checks and maintains the quality of the content.

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What’s more, it can track the activity of your customers in every step of the customer journey. As a result, you can pinpoint which exact pieces of content they consumed before becoming a lead or customer. It’s one of the most comprehensive content marketing tools out there.

10. Idio: personalization Tool

Examine customer interests and build a content marketing strategy with Idio. The tool uses content intelligence to predict the interests of every individual and shares relevant experiences across different digital channels.
Best Content Marketing ToolsIt can help content marketing managers boost brand engagement, and create more lead conversion opportunities effectively.

Bonus: Wordable.io

Ever copy and paste your content from a Google Doc into WordPress and it shows up… weird? You end up having to spend precious time reformatting everything to make sure it looks just right.
Wordable lets you export content from a Google Doc directly to WordPress and everything – images, links, text – shows up exactly as you expect it to. Spend less time reformatting your posts and more time writing amazing content.

Concluding The Best Content Marketing Tools for 2021

Content marketing has been in demand for so long. Without creating relevant content, you may not be able to target your audience and convert them into potential customers. Therefore, the best way to attract them is to create as relevant, quality, and informative content as possible. For that, you must use any of the tools of your choice or suitable for you given in the above list.

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