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Authoritative Infographics Promotion Strategies to Boost Traffic

Infographic Marketing

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There’s no denial that visual content catch attention faster and better. Infact, Infographics tend to improve website traffic by 12% because over 40% people respond better to visual information than plain text, as reported here.

Since it is not always feasible to create videos, graphics, or interactive data visualizations, many marketers, especially newbies, stick to infographics. Let us see some ways to maximize the benefits of authoritative infographics promotion strategies for SEO link juice.

Infographic marketing strategies

Here are some ways through which you can turn infographics as a great source of bringing link juice.

1. Choosing the right subjects

An authoritative infographics promotion strategies has the purpose of delivering information in a visually appealing format. The catch here is to maintain a balance between the design and the content. Before putting your designing skills to use, ensure to conduct a research on what’s popular and getting searched more times than the rest.

Content research tools such as BuzzSumo can be deployed to find out popular content. Feed in the keyword and see what’s relevant to you and your target audience. The best part is, with multiple filters, you can refine your search on the parameters of social shares, word count range,content type etc.

BuzzSumo also lets you choose different social networks to see how it is impactful across channels. In short, look out for something that is popular and yet will not get dull over the time. You don’t want to spend time exclusively on a trend which is short-lived.

Infographic marketing strategies; authoritative infographics promotion strategies

2. Creating infographic story

Once you have chosen the topics to work on, start preparing a script for your infographic submission. A good authoritative infographics promotion strategies maintains the harmony between subject text, presentation, and design. For creating a mind blowing infographic, focus on four major areas:

2.1. Headline

  • Headline should be an instant attention grabber. Use play of words. Make it interesting, pop it out!
  • Jazz up your headline using reference to any meme, a celebrity, or anything that gets your ball rolling.
  • Provoking viewers with a “seemingly” opposite is a good tactic too. Proceed with caution with this.
  • Avoid outright offensive, unrelated, or demeaning headlines. They can cause considerable damage.

2.2. Introduction

  • Introduction is the gateway to your infographic and not the main body.
  • Keep the introduction limited to 3 or 4 sentences. Don’t over-explain.
  • Inclusion of a little back-story can make your infographic interesting.
  • Throw in statistics or surveys if relevant. Use credible sources for this.

2.3. Data sufficiency

  • Begin by laying out a plan for the main body of the infographic.
  • Write general subheadings and create short but sufficient points.
  • Distribute the data according to the topic you are addressing.

2.4. Source of data

  • Strive to conduct your own research for your infographic data.
  • Cite the sources, whenever necessary. Preferably at each section’s end.
  • Don’t steal or plagiarize. Reuse components but in an acceptable manner.

3. Content distribution channels

You need to promote your infographic too for maximizing visibility and exposure on relevant platforms. First and foremost, feature authoritative infographics promotion strategies in your own blog by embedding them at relevant spaces. Social media can also be incorporated into the strategy of distribution. You may choose to launch ads for targeted audience.

Content distribution channels; authoritative infographics promotion strategies

4. Social media buttons

For higher reach, you should make your infographics shareable. And to make it shareable, what else is better than enabling social share buttons? A free tool “Add This” can help you with enabling social share buttons for social networks of your choice. The tool also lets you design the appearance for better presentation.

5. Infographics for SEO juice

Now that you have created an amazing authoritative infographics promotion strategies, let’s see how it can be made searchable and how it can be used to get link juice. Remember that an infographic alone cannot get itself to rank on Google’s first page. You still need to perform a few actions to get link juice benefits.

5.1. File name optimization

Google uses the file name to determine the visual content associated with it. If your file name is a random and vague string of words or letters, change it to something relevant. For example, if your infographic explains the recent outbreak of corona virus, rename the file to “corona-virus.png” instead of something similar to “cvinfo.png”.

5.2. Optimization of the alt text

Not just the file name but your image’s alt text should be optimized too. Alt text is the text which appears in case of image load failure. So when a user hovers his mouse over the image, he will get a cursory idea of the contents of the image. Search engines read alt text too, so optimize it with a short description of 15-20 words.

5.3. Optimization of the meta description

Meta description of an infographic should ideally in the range of 130 to 160 characters. Anything longer will snap the descriptive text when a user searches for the keyword associated with your infographic. That being said, meta description should give information on the topic your infographic is dealing with. It shouldn’t be vague.

5.4 Submission to infographic directories

Push the reach of your infographics further by submitting them to various directories. This will generate additional traffic to your website and increase brand value too. Even better, you will get feedback and insights which you can take care of in your next infographic.

There are some amazing directories for infographic submission
– Submit Infographics, Infographic Directory, Reddit Infographics, Flickr Info, Graphics Group, and Infographic Archives.


People prefer visual content over text any day and authoritative infographics promotion strategies are certainly the best tool to promote your content in a fun way. They are more likely to be seen and shared too. Pick a subject, perform your research on it, design the infographic elements creatively, and promote it across web for getting high benefits of reach and SEO link juice. You can also
submit them to various directories for expanding reach.

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