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17 Top Affiliate Marketing Tools for 2021

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Get The Best Affiliate Marketing Tools!

The best way to stand out in the affiliate world is for your campaigns to get the most clicks. There are many different ways you can go about it, but in the end, it all comes down to the geer  you use.

Presenting to you 17 best affiliate marketing tools. They’ll surely make your transgression from an average wannabe to a professional as smooth as possible!

List of the Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

Knowing your competition is at the heart of any good affiliate marketing strategy.

Identifying industry trends and gaining insight about competitor campaigns, along with top performing creatives and traffic sources, is essential if you want to make sure you can hit the ground running.

1. Flippa

Flippa is essential for anyone looking to leapfrog the process of building a successful affiliate site from scratch. This site serves as a bidding marketplace for individuals to buy and sell websites (think eBay for websites). Flippa allows affiliate marketers to buy sites that have a strong backlink profile to kickstart SEO growth.

One thing to note: we recommend running a full backlink audit before purchasing a domain to ensure that the domain isn’t being inflated by black-hat SEO practices like PBNs. We’ve seen far too many affiliate marketers buy a site with a strong backlink profile, only to be penalized by a Penguin algorithm update due to the black hat link building practices of the previous site owner.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

2. ShareASale

Affiliate marketing starts with building partnerships with sites in need of sales. We’ve tested out a handful of affiliate networks including CJ Affiliate and Impact. However, ShareASale is our go-to resource for affiliate partnerships.

ShareASale connects publishers to advertisers who are looking for help driving sales. Publishers can get paid per phone call, lead, or website visitor that they drive for the advertiser.

While affiliate marketers will likely see a much higher commission per sale by working directly with advertisers, ShareASale is a great starting point.

3. SEMRush

SEMRush is our go-to tool for keyword research, fixing SEO errors, and competitor analysis. Fair warning: I’ve been using this tool daily since 2012, so I’m a bit biased here.

This tool is a must-have for marketers who are looking to understand what content is driving the highest ROI for competitors, as well as analyzing on-page SEO issues.

Some of the primary things that we use SEMRush for are:

  • Finding top performing competitor content that we should be writing about
  • Monitoring our keyword rankings on a weekly basis
  • Running SEO audits to watch for website issues that could hurt our search rankings
  • Monitoring press mentions

Affiliate Marketing Tools

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs serves many of the same functions as SEMRush (keyword research, on-page audits, competitive content analysis, etc). However, Ahrefs places much more emphasis on backlinks than on-page SEO.

Ahrefs provides marketers with in-depth insights about new and lost backlinks, sites that are linking to broken pages on your website, and competitor backlink growth.

Some of the primary things that we use Ahrefs for are:

  • Reviewing new and lost backlinks to our site
  • Reviewing competitor link profiles to find new link building opportunities
  • Finding sites that are linking to broken pages on our site (and then 301’ing those pages to another relevant page)
  • Finding top-performing competitor content to identify new content ideas for your site

5. Yoast SEO

This is the first SEO plugin that we add to any site that we work on. Yoast SEO provides advanced SEO functionality to every page, including:

  • Title tag & meta description customization
  • Canonical link customization
  • Sitemap creation and customization
  • Meta robots customization

Affiliate Marketing Tools

6. Grammarly

Grammarly is a must-have for those who are regularly publishing content on their affiliate site. In short, Grammarly is your average spell-checker on steroids.

Not only does Grammarly point out spelling errors. It also identifies grammatical errors such as incorrect word and comma usage.

7. Duplichecker

For those working with a content team to help produce content, we recommend running each article through a plagiarism checker like Duplichecker.

Yeah, I know, it sucks to feel the need to do this, especially as you start to trust your content team more and more. However, even an accidental case of plagiarism could result in serious legal issues.

8. Hemingway

Hemingway is another remarkable content review tool. Based off of the writing of Ernest Hemingway, the Hemingway app helps you to simplify your writing.

9. Sumo

Sumo offers an easy way to install email capture forms on your site (and they even offer a free version of their service).

10. Google AdSense

Earning money per referral is great, but why stop there? Google AdSense offers a second revenue stream as you continue to scale.

11. AdThrive

AdThrive works with your team to optimize your ads for improved performance. How do they do it? They take a deep look at your analytics to understand the advertisers who will see the best performance on your site. As a result, you can expect far higher CTRs on your ads, which will help you to generate more revenue.

12. WPEngine

WPEngine provides the following features in addition to hosting:

  • Regularly scheduled website backups (so you can revert to an older version of your site if something goes wrong)
  • A free SSL certificate for each site that you set up on their hosting plan
  • Browser caching for improved site speed
  • Advanced website security protection

13. Last Modified Timestamp

One of our most effective methods to enhance search rankings are content revamps. Content revamps consist of updating old site content to drive enhanced rankings.

Unfortunately, one default WordPress feature can bog down the impact of content revamps: timestamps.

14. Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate is our secret weapon for enhancing the readability of blog articles. This tool helps site owners add custom designs to their blog content to bring their articles to the next level.

15. WP-PostRatings

A page’s CTR in search engine results pages plays a huge role in search rankings. One of our most effective methods for boosting CTR is to add a rating system to blog articles.

16. PB SEO Friendly Images

It’s no secret that adding alt text to each image is a pain in the ass. PB SEO Friendly Images takes this burden off of your plate by adding alt text to every image on your site.

17. TinyPNG

Bounce rates increase by 50% for every extra 2 seconds that your site takes to load. In other words, slow sites lose money.

Ok, that’s cool, but how do I go about improving my site speed?

Short answer: image compression.

Image compression is one of the most effective ways to improve site speed. Image compression removes excess pixels from images to reduce image file sizes. The best image compression tools do this without sacrificing image quality.

We’ve tested out a dozen image compression tools and TinyPNG is our favorite. You can also download the WordPress plugin here.


In conclusion, today’s affiliate marketing industry is busier and much richer in terms of resources to work with. It’s also much more competitive.

Where are we going with this?

The more you know about your niche and the better prepared you are, the more you’ll benefit from that tasty extra-mile advantage.

Remember: being smart today means saving money tomorrow!

Equipped with the various tools we shared above, you’re sure to make it rain like a real affiliate pro! If you think we missed anything important, don’t be shy and reach out! We wanna hear from you so shoot all the questions you have in the comments below!

Also, remember to take quality time out – it can never be all work and no play!

Loved these awesome huge list of affiliate marketing tools?

Then tell us what are your favorite tools in the comments below!

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